Noel Devine
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Height 6'1"
Weight 235
Date of birth May 2nd, 1980
Place of birth Olympia, Washington
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Resides West Seattle, Washington
Billed from Wes C.Addle, Washington
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Debut July 20, 2007
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Noel Devine is an American Wrestler from Seattle, Washington. Currently working for Atlas Sports' Hardcore Professional Wrestling Federation and Combative Wrestling Alliance. Has also worked in UWE and XPWA, before they folded. He currently resides in West Seattle, Washington with his girlfriend Kahmillah.

HPWF [1]

=The Beginning

Noel Devine gained interested in wrestling from watching NWA as a kid, he was known to be a rather large fan of Tully Blanchard. As soon as he graduated High School, he began training to become a professional wrestler.

Devine became an Indy superstar under his Emerald City Shooter gimmick, which was a play-off of the Shooter Dean Malenko gimmick. Devine used a mixture of pure mat wrestling and technical skill to show off his unique abilities. It wasn't long before he gained attention from the mainstream.

Hardcore Professional Wrestling Federation

Devine received many offers from several different promotions, until he signed a developmental contract with HPWF. Devine trained in the Southern Champion Wrestling, the develomental territory. He stayed there until a few months later, when he was called up to the roster.

Devine was portrayed as your typical cocky newcomer, with tons of charisma. He was given a radio show, which aired two days a week. He began feuding with the then Camaraderie Champion, Black Dragon. After weeks of feuding, Devine managed to defeat Black Dragon, capturing his first title in his fifth match.

Devine's popularity skyrocketed, and hired an Enforcer, for his protection, Onyx. Devine is said to have big plans when HPWF gets ready to gear up again.


Noel Devine was signed to an unactive contract with the company, and did commentary from time to time. Because management didn't have anything planned for him, he took time to help some of the younger wrestlers learn the ropes. After the company folded, he signed with CWA.

Combative Wrestling Alliance

Devine signed a six-figure deal with CWA most recently, and with the company just starting, things are currently looking positive for Devine.


Championships Held

HPWF Camaraderie Champion (9-9-07-Current)

Trademark Moves

Vedder Driver( Reverse Flip Driver )
The ClimaX ( Full Nelson Camel Clutch )
Seattle Stretch( Double-Underhook Dragon Sleeper )
Devinesault ( Moonsault )


Devine is known to have a unique taste in 80s music

Devine help train the CWA tag team, Daylight RnB Express

Devine is an avid fan of Pearl Jam and of Sir Mix A Lot

Devine thinks he looks like John Oates, minus the mustache.

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