Non-Stop Federation of Wrestling
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Federation Name Non-Stop Federation of Wrestling
Abbreviation NSFW
Shows NSFW: Attitude! (Wednesday night weekly show)
Established 2008
Owner Enigma K'
Graphics Enigma K'
Based in Brazil
Federation type Hybrid
Pay-Per-Views One Per Month
Website NSFW Official Forum

The Non-Stop Federation of Wrestling (acronym: NSFW - pun intended) is a Brazilian hybrid e-fed directed for Portuguese-speaking wrestling fans. It was idealized by Enigma Kitsune, the first and current owner.

NSFW holds a weekly show - "Attitude!", every Wednesday night -, and has a pay-per-view scheduled for each month of the year. The matches are simulated randomly using the program Zeus Pro.

NSFW accepts fantasy wrestlers only.

The Beginning

The SBT Imbroglio

Early on January 2008, the Brazilian TV channel SBT started airing WWE's shows RAW and SmackDown! every Saturday evening. The shows would go through harsh censorship, with superstar promos eventually interrupting major fights/highlights, or the screen going black-and-white during scenes containing blood. Also, SBT wouldn't air WWE pay-per-views.

4 months after WWE's debut on SBT, the latter quit airing the show without giving any kind of explanations to their watchers. It would later be known that, due to its content, Brazilian justice asked SBT to change their schedules, airing WWE's shows at night, and not at evening. SBT would not agree with this, and stopped airing the shows so they would not have problems with justice.

Upset Fans Unite

Enigma Kitsune, one of the lot of wrestling fans of the Sonic the Hedgehog-based Brazilian messageboard Fórum Portal Sonic had the idea of building an e-fed so they could feed their affection towards pro-wrestling. EK was then joined by handlers Healckles, Mandits, Julia "Juligashi" Higashi, Blackles, Dark Fou-Lu, Ycaal and Captain Kyoudai. The NSFW was born.

Pay-Per-View Schedule

NSFW has a PPV cycle that begins in June with Stairway to Glory, and ends in May with Chaos, where everything restarts.

The PPV marked in light red are NSFW flagship programs, Chaos being the main.

Month PPV Month PPV
June Stairway to Glory December Road's End
July Collision Course January Pulse
August Winterslam February Bloodhaven
September Over the Limit March Evil Intentions
October Extreme Consequences April Final Destination
November Survival May Chaos

Current Roster

General Manager

NSFW Story

D-Tech x Destroyer Feud

At NSFW's very first reunion before the first Attitude! show, two interesting things happened. The first: D-Tech, Destroyer and R-Roll started arguing about "being the best wrestler in the company" before Gardner's arrival. R-Roll quit arguing after some time, but D-Tech and Destroyer kept bragging. This led to a fiery competition between both. The second: Lulu Voador tried to take a handful at GM Alysson Gardner's booty, and took an elbow as response. Later on, Gardner would reveal that the following Attitude!'s main event would pit D-Tech, Destroyer and Lulu Voador, despite the fact all of them are heels. She didn't say the match's specialty, though.

Later, on Attitude!, Gardner revealed that night's main event would pit Lulu Voador against D-Tech and Destroyer in a 2 Versus 1 Handicap Match. Voador won the match by pinning Destroyer, fueling even more the losers' feud - both wrestlers started brawling after the match, and had to be separated by the referees and Gardner herself. Later on that same night, Gardner announced that D-Tech and Destroyer would face themselves the following show in a #1 Contendership Match for Stairway to Glory. The loser of the match would go to the very bottom of contendership list.

NSFW Titles

All titles are still vacant, because there has been no contest on where such titles have been awarded to wrestlers.

  • NSFW Championship
    • Will be awarded to Stairway to Glory 2008's main event winner. Match has not been stipulated yet.

  • NSFW Tag Team Championship
    • There are no stable tag teams enough.

  • NSFW Omega Championship (a.k.a. Extreme Championship)
    • Will be awarded at Collision Course 2008 or Extreme Consequences 2008.

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