The Non-Stop Wrestling Alliance is an e-fed that opened up in January 2005. It is owned by Danny Maher, who resides in the UK. The NSWA has been open for about five years. They currently have one show per week, and one PPV per month. I will be doing my best to keep you up to  date on the goings on in the NSWA.

.::2 October 2009::.

On Unleashed the night opened with the Godfathers Challenge and in a tremendous opener to the show, Anthony was able to retain the NSWA Double X Championship. Tyler had the match won on many occasions during the bout and many thought we would of saw of new champion.

The NSWA Champion, Q-Ball was up next and in literally seconds he destroyed Stan Vicous who really has shown not to be as impressive as many thought he would be since arriving in NSWA. Many say his time has reached it's limit in NSWA. Q-Ball went on to speak with Travis Kahler and he made it clear that when he defends the championship next, he doesn't want Travis' help because he is the champion because he won it.

Up next we saw the NEW! NSWA TV Champion Angelus go into a non title match with the number one contender for the NSWA Double X Championship at Universal Uprise, Aidan McCour and just like the opener we saw another brilliant back and forth contest which ended in a huge upset in many's eye's as Aidan McCourt continues on his roll here in NSWA when he defeated Angelus.

Next we saw a huge MAIN EVENT! Where the winner gets a NSWA Championship match with Q-Ball at Universal Uprise. We saw Anthony Phoenix be the first elimanated as he walked out on the match getting counted out. We then saw the remaining 3 battle it out and when Pain had RIP elimanated, the Corporate Assains interfered which shocked everyone. Pain did fight them off but it was Weapon X who was able to attack Pain and hit him with the End Point which caused Pain to get elimanated. Pain wasn't down for long though as he delivered a Rumblin' Drop to both RIP and Kyle and then he left with the Assains on his radar. Kyle and RIP then battled it out, both trying to secure the win but it was Kyle who was able to get a low blow on RIP and plant him with Child's Play to make him the official number one contender for the NSWA Championship at Universal Uprise in his hometown. RIP has not took this lightly though and has demanded a one on one match with Kyle 'Kidd' this week on Unleashed in China which NSWA Management has agreed to. Are the Rulers falling apart slowly? Jacob Kilconey who was released on Monday morning by the authorities was banned from attending this week's and next week's Unleashed but against NSWA Management orders, he has promised to be at Unleashed this upcoming week in China.

This week!

The Godfather's Challenge continues in Shanghai, China! The Godfather, Anthony Phoenix, takes on probably his biggest threat yet during this challenge, as he goes up against Li'l Knoxville in a Shanghai Street Fight! Will Phoenix continue to win in his challenges? Or will he finally fall to this behemoth?


The (former) Queen of Hardkore, Viper, goes up against the rookie, Eric Brooks. Will the Viper take a W? Or will she fall to a man?


After a huge win, where he became the first man to officially defeat "The Angel of Death", The Celtic Crusader goes up against someone who has never backed down. Aidan McCourt takes on Tyler Hardy in what should be a great match. Will Aidan's winning streak continue? Or will Tyler Hardy get the best of him?


In the Main Event, the NSWA Heavyweight Championship is defended, as the Champion, Q-Ball, takes on his adversary, Mr. Pain. Pain thinks that Q-Ball needs the help of Travis Kahler to keep the belt around his waist. Will he be proven right? Or will Q-Ball show that he is a true champion, and defeat Pain on his own?

Tune in Wednesday night, as Unleashed heads to Shanghai China! Check you local cable or satellite provider for channel and time!

Current Champions

Title: Wrestler: Date: Event: Notes:
NSWA Championship Q-Ball  Sunday, July 12, 2009  Rise to Glory  Won the Title from Kyle Kidd in a Dog Kennel from Hell match. 
Television Championship Angelus Wednesday, September 24, 2009 Unleashed Defeated Kyle Kidd in a First Blood Match
Double X Championship Anthony Phoenix Tuesday, August 11, 2009 24/7 Attack Anthony won the title after pinning Q-Ball in a 24/7 attack.

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