North Atlantic Championship Wrestling
Federation Name North Atlantic Championship Wrestling(NACW)
Weekly Show(s) NACW Rampage, NACW Carnage
PPVs Monthly
Time open May 2008 to present
Co-Owners Michael Santiago, James Thorn, Shane Knight
Based in North Atlantic Region of the United States of America
Federation type Roleplaying
Website NACW

North Atlantic Championship Wrestling (NACW) is a relatively new E-Fed with a veteran staff. We are majority roleplay based, but we encourage strong storylines, but never NEVER, allow a storylined victory unless all parties involved agree to it. The NACW encourages a friendly style of roleplaying that was majorly present back in the 1999-2002 era, however this does not mean in character, simply put, it means that people involved should not be offended and the author of the rp should never target personal issues. Another brainchild of NACW is the Global Wrestling Administration...


North Atlantic Championship Wrestling was founded in early May 2008, and officially launched on May 11. We are currently running two weekly shows and a monthly pay per view.


NACW's staff are very committed to providing a happy and exciting environment to our members, we own our own domain name, which of course gives us many options that free hosts such as or limit.

Old School Roleplaying

We do not limit the creativity of our members in any way other than usage of someone else's character within the roleplay having to be previously obtained.

We strongly encourage the building and maintaining of storylines, its not a necessity but would add a new dynamic to the quality of the rps.

All results will be based 100% on roleplay quality, no other factors will be considered unless a storylined win has previously been discussed and approved by staff and all wrestlers involved. Meaning that wheter the heavyweight champion is undefeated and has a storyline going with someone, that doesn't mean i'm not going to give an up and comer a shot if it is earned. And I am sure as hell not going to protect the champions streak, that's his responsibility. If the up and comer out rps the champ... new champ, point blank.

Staff History

Michael Santiago

Michael Santiago has been around the rp scene since 2000, he has run a handful of feds in the past and is the current webmaster of the NACW website. He is a very talented roleplayer, and loves to help people work out storylines. He is also head of the talent relations department, meaning that any conflicts between roster members should be directed to him at you can also email him about all questions and comments regarding the site, or interest in joining.

James Thorn

Another veteran of the efedding community, James Thorn is the head of the creativity department, the forum moderation team lead and also the owner of the domain. He has the experience at running a fed, that perfectly coincides with the styles of his partners Michael Santiago and Shane Knight.

Shane Knight

Shane Knight, a four year veteran has been general manager of many shows across the board of the efedding community, and is now taking his first stake as a full owner. He heads the recruiting team and results teams as well. He is the guy to talk to about specific segments and/or matches you want. He can be reached at

NACW PPV Listing

Pay Per Views are held once monthly

January - Revolution
February - Havoc
March - End Game
April - Aggression
May - Symphony of Destruction
June - Path To Glory
July - Mayhem
August - Genocide
September - Chaotica
October - Maelstrom
November - Spectrum
December - Destruction

Current Roster


  • Caitline McMahon
  • Casey Evans
  • Catherine Chesley
  • Constantine Zentsov
  • Damien Alptraum
  • Diego Estrella
  • Drake Phoenix
  • Dylan Daniels
  • Eric Omega
  • Fred Debonair
  • Hawkeye
  • Heather Havok
  • James Daniels
  • James Thorn
  • Jeff Extreme
  • John Rogan
  • Jonathan Marx
  • Ken Lancer
  • Kyle Cure
  • Lindsey Calloway
  • Matt Extreme
  • The Maverick Elite
  • Michael Santiago
  • Nix
  • Nicholas Santiago
  • Ricky Blaze
  • Ryan Dread
  • Set
  • Seth Corin
  • Shane Knight
  • Steve Russell
  • Tahti Kuu
  • Takashi Inmetsu
  • Travis Roberts

Tag Team Roster

  • Currently None


  • Currently None


  • Currently None


  • Currently None


  • Currently None