WCSF Nothing to Lose 2006

  • Sabbath def. Craig "The Kid"
  • Shadow def. Taka Hiroshi
  • WCSF International Championship
    • Delroy Andrews def. Bray R.S. after hitting the Devils Advocate on top of the International Title Belt.
    • Andrews was the champion going into the match.
  • "I Quit" Match
    • Mitchell Tiday vs. Bale ended in a no contest when EMTs and officials rush the ring to attend to Mitchell Tiday and Brian Davis.
  • Winner Challenges WCSF Heavyweight Champion at Revolution 2
  • WCSF World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match
    • Chris Cameron def. David Logan after Spearing Logan off of the Title belt onto the mat and climbing after the title himself.
    • Cameron was the champ going into the match.
    • An end to a great show sees Dynamite come to the ring (after winning a title opportunity at Rev. 2) to stare down Chris Cameron, who hold his title high above his head as the show goes off the air.

Nothing To Lose 2007

Nothig to Lose 2007 took place on July 27th, 2007, from Cleveland, Ohio.

Mayhem Main Event:

Unleashed Main Event: Dome Of Doom

Nothing to Lose 2009

  • Tristagi d/ Mark Thomas to become #1 Contender to the Middleweight Title.
    • Tristagi pins Thomas with the Karma.
  • Mike Maverick d/ Craig Bell.
    • Maverick pins Bell after attacking him during his entrance.
    • Ralph Pierce makes Tristagi vs Maverick for right now.

Nothing to Lose 2010

Held on September 21st, 2010 at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, PA.

WCSF Tag Team Championship

  • Team Catwalk (c) d/ The Mafia (Evans & Foster)
    • TC pins Evans after Foster was thrown into him.
    • Evans and Foster brawl after the match and are separated by the rest of the Mafia.
  • Andrew Logan d/ Amen
    • Logan counters the Thunder From Down Under into a crucifix pin.

WCSF Womens Championship

WCSF International Championship

Grudge Match

WCSF World Championship

Revolution Title Shot vs Career

  • Daz d/ The Executioner (WCSF) in a Last Man Standing Match.
    • Ex can't answer the ten count after his knee is hurt too badly to get up.
    • Daz moves on to Revolution V to face Maverick for the World Title.

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