Notorious Wrestling Federation
Acronym NWF
Established September 2007
Style Sports Entertainment
Headquarters Dundee, Scotland
Operated By "The Franchise" Jay Franchise

Notorious Wrestling Federation (NWF) is a sports-entertainment-based wrestling organisation, with its headquarters in Dundee, Scotland. Despite the NWF being based in Dundee, Scotland the company operates to a world-wide audience. The organisation hosts its flagship Wednesday Night Warfare shows bi-weekly and puts on Pay-Per-View events every two months. The NWF tours throughout the world, visiting the continents of Europe, Asia and North America.


Notorious Wrestling Federation officially opened its doors for business on September 3, 2007. NWF's very first show will be NWF Genesis, a 3 hour Pay-Per-View event on September 30, 2007 with NWF's flagship show, Wednesday Night Warfare, premiering a few days later on October 3, 2007.

Notorious Wrestling Federation Television
Acronym WNW
Established October 3, 2007.
Style Sports-Entertainment
Headquarters Dundee, Scotland
Television Show Wednesday Night Warfare
Results Wednesday Night Warfare Results


Notorious Wrestling Federation's Wednesday Night Warfare is a bi-weekly 2 hour Sports-Entertainment broadcast on NWFTV at 8:00 PM (your local time). The debut show of "WNW" will air on October 3, 2007 as the "aftermath" from the NWF Genesis Pay-Per-View.

Current Champions

Championship Title Current champion(s) Date Won Event
NWF World Champion VACANT Unknown ??, 2007 Unknown
Intercontinental Champion VACANT Unknown ??, 2007 Unknown

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