Nova Huntley Best in the Business


Nova Huntley "Best in the Business"


Wins: 21 loss: 1

WAW Hall of Famer 2007

Nova's career began with a bang winning a newcomer triple threat match against Tito Blackman and Karnage. It wouldn't take Nova long to get into a major feud with the companies top. XxX Rated. It all started when he bashed Justina in the back of the head with a sledge hammer. While Johnny Dangerous went to the hospital with a girlfriend, Justina, Ice Beckman was on the hunt for Nova. Nova would get away that week after a chase, Nova hoped into a limo. Later that month The biggest moment in Nova's career would now happen as he faced Johnny Dangerous after he pinned his shoulders a cage surrounded the ring with a roof on the top. Johnny and Nova were locked in the cage with a sledgehammer, Nova would break Johnny's back putting him out of action for half of a year.

From there WAW got shut down and Nova never got his match with Ice Beckman. Nova would return for a few short weeks going undefeated yet again, this time, however, things would end a lot differently for Nova. Justina James had returned to exact her revenge on Nova, she broke his neck and after a hellacious beating Nova was put in the hospital, not only that but Jus Huntley fired him! despite this.Nova, however, would return again once more to WAW, this time he returned to take on his former stablemate, Kid-X who he heard had been talking shit about him while he was gone. Nova returned beating the hell out of Kid-X and announcing they would face at Wrestling Heaven for the Attitude Title. At Wrestling Heaven Nova defeated Kid-X to become the Attitude Champion capturing his first title. N Soon afterward Nova Huntley had to have surgery on his neck from the Sledge Hammer shot from Justin James never fully recovered.

Nova, however, would return again once more, Not only that but he helped out the boss to defeat Mingy in a Loser Goes to Jail Match, thus opening a new chapter for Nova. Over the next months Nova would continue to develop the stable of 2007, C.W.L. Plus his feud with Mingy just continued to heat up as he gained more and more wins. He beat Mingy at Flirting With Disaster, the next night Jus announced that Mingy Vs Nova would take place for a second time in a row as he enjoyed the first one so much. After that match the biggest twist in Nova's career.. he and Jus are actually brothers of the blood! They both were raised in the same house and are Huntleys. It went shockwaves through the federation and perhaps the number one shocking moment.

Nova Huntley stable feuded violently with a rival stable that would eventually defeat stable rival, Typhoon Vance for his second title, and a second defeat in a row for Typhoon Vance from Nova. Now Holding the United States Championship and the Attitude and the United Championship at a single time making history as the first WAW superstar to do that!. Nova proving with over twenty victories that he deserved a shot at the WAW World Title was mislead by his own brother Jus Huntley. In Nova's last few weeks he signed a contract to face the World Champ only it turned out to be a double title match with Natural ICE Beckman at Full Throttle 2 instead of the World Title he was promised. Though Nova Huntley and Ice Beckman couldn't control themselves though and Ice found himself injuring Nova badly before the match canceling the upcoming match. Nova Vs Ice never happened and Nova's career seemed over.. for now.

Nova returned September 2007, to be with Jus Huntley to take on Steel Chair Society Jus believed that he could control his brother to do what he wanted. However, Nova started to rebel and later would be found kissing Jus' Wife Sarah, and would reform C.W.L. breaking away from his brother's stable. Jus very furious with Nova and took advantage of a situation and would cost him his first loss after 19 wins when Jus pulled Nova off the apron eliminating him from the World Title Run in his first and only World Title match. Afterward, in a fit of rage, Nova took a sledge hammer and cracked it over his brother's head. Causing the federation to come to a stop, without anyone to run it. while Jus laid in the ER room. Nova Huntley paid a visit to Jus. Knowing Jus might just close the federation. Nova proposed that he buy WAW from Jus and become sole owner. Jus Huntley would agree but it cost Nova heavily.

Once Nova Huntley was confirmed as the sole owner of WAW, quickly set his sights on destroying anyone who would get in his path now that he had full reign of being the sole owner behind him. He quickly sent his fellow stable mates out to destroy his rivals in the company. Ice Beckman The WAW World Champion at the time was supposed to defend his World Title when a car hit him in the parking lot since he was unable to wrestle he was stripped of his belt along with being fired! The following week Justina James would quit WAW before Nova had a chance to place her in a match who had a long feud with Nova dating back when she hit Nova in the head with a sledge hammer. With his rivals being destroyed or leaving WAW he closed WAW for the time being still remaining the sole owner of it.

AWE a new start

4: wins 1: loss

After Nova Huntley closed down WAW. Almost a year later Jus Huntley called him and invited him to his new federation named "AWE". This time things seemed to go smoother. Jus and Nova were starting to get along more. There was more talent to rival with during his two-month star at AWE he had only lost a single time in a tag team match. The feud with a former stable rival would come back while Vance tried to destroy Jus. Nova came to his rescue and brutally attacked Vance along with his C.W.L stablemates every chance he got. It never was answered why Nova helped Jus out of brotherly love or was he paid. For the next following weeks, Vance faced a C.W.L member every week for a month until the PPV where he was supposed to face Nova Huntley himself!

All this stopped in a matter of a day. The show was supposed to still go live for the PPV. However tensions started to mount backstage as a New Owner was picked, Jus Huntley stepped down as owner and Jace Parker Davidson filled his spot. Nova did not agree on the new co-owner. Jace at the time was a rival of Nova's along with a rival stable. Rather than stick it out Nova Huntley left AWE the way he is famous for. Being directly honest with them and taking heat for it. He did choose to quit before the PPV and left the city to travel home that very same night. However, AWE paid a look a like to take Nova's place so the match could go on. The Nova who was a looked alike to the actual Nova went on TV and lost to Vance and Jace in a single night. Doing everything they could to taint the rep and WAW HOF. It enraged Nova that they thought the fans would be dumb enough to believe that was actually Nova!

UECW the change from heel to crowd favorite

Voted Most Missed UECW superstar mid-year awards 2010

wins 5: loss 3

Several months later looking for a fresh start right of the heels of his bad dispute with AWE. Nova Huntley came into contact with UECW owner who promised him they were legit and would not double cross him. The owner of UECW offered Nova Huntley a contract which he accepted. During his period at UECW. Nova Huntley became something of a crowd favorite. Instead of upsetting the fans for his own pleasure. He now vowed to try to redeem himself for everything that he had done in the past by taking down the most corrupt superstars in UECW. Starting off on an impressive streak on his second match Nova would be in a Battle Royal on Rampage. The winner would face the World Champion the very same night. The high profile brawl which had a UECW HAF, along with the owner of UECW girlfriend in the mix. Despite these odds, Nova Huntley managed to overcome and face the Champion.

After fighting a brutal and rough Battle Royal bruised. Nova decided against the advice of his doctors and took on the Rampage Champion which leads to his first defeat in UECW. However instead of acting out in anger or violence. The new turned Nova would have to leave the federation for a short period And the deadly Supernova which came out of nowhere or anywhere. Travis Thompson of Rampage placed Nova in a fatal four-way match where every four men would fight against the other and one person would be removed until there was only one. Nova Huntley already in a heated feud with returning UECW superstar Steve Relic beat him for the second time giving him a supernova of a 12 foot ladder! later it boiled to only him and one another. The World title in his grasp and for first times the fans were not booing him.

Nova would never arrive at his 4th match in the number one contender's ring In a heated debut with the owner of UECW that lead to him quitting. UECW hired a look-alike to complete his last match even though Nova was not even in the city at the time of the match. Being Jus Huntley's brother Jus cut him no slack even with a number of victories Jus never gave Nova a World Title shot. So he took it personally when Chelle Fury was getting special treatment from the owner. For weeks that built tension, he could mask. Then Ace Static of Havok would call Vincent a "welfare abusing monkey n" that's when Nova seriously started to consider his career. Ace seemed to be rewarded for his language. Then when Rape proudly claimed he would rape a fellow superstar it reached the boiling point. Nova spoke with respect but directly and blunt about his plans to leave. The former voted UECW Most Missed Superstar now had Chelle, owner of UECW and his minion trading insults towards Nova. However keeping his calm and cool simply left the company.

Random Facts about Nova Huntley

Facts about Nova: WAW record is 21 wins with 1 loss. Jus and Huntley are brothers but Nova barely mentions him. Nova has a history of making an impact upon federation either very positive or negative and sometimes a little of both. Nova wrote to a newsletter claimed UECW should be in the top ten and noticed and it happened. Though after his departure from the company took a nasty dispute. Now with AWE and UECW, both federations left. Considered returning. Shown he can be a Leader by creating the group known as chaos without limits and pushed the talent inside the stable.

Shown his business side by legally buying WAW from Jus Huntley and using the federation to his advantage.

Shown his spirt and passion which he is known for. Besides being outspoke there are positive things about him. The ability to entertain and be in tough matches. Bad or Good guy a talent who may be considered the greatest promoter/talent or their own personal plague. Despite his long road he is not bitter about his experience. Uses what he has learned to his advantage in case he decides to ever return to the ring again. If he does there are sure to be ripples about the WAW Hall of Famer. Nova Huntley!

Nova was never involved in the last contendership match against Smitty in UECW. Despite footage of UECW hatching a plan to make Nova look bad by hiring a look alike to fill his spot and then attack him. The moment he quit the federation his contract was up and he left the city. Nova Huntley's last match in UECW was in a triple threat match which he won. He denies every being in the last match against Smitty claiming it to be a smear job by UECW that he was there and lost.

Nova Huntley was also never in his last match in GOW. When the ownership of the company switched hands at Gold Rush. He quit the company. Like UECW to save face they hired someone who looked like Nova to play out his defeat.

Quotes Jus Huntley: "Nova, my brother, my friend, my protector. Nova was always there for me, whether I needed help with Mingy or media. He was a great guy but pissed off the wrong people and found himself getting injured and fired a lot." --- Jus Huntley

[Personal comments from the writer of Nova Huntley: When a person "quits" or "leaves" a federation. That's when my mun consent is removed for them to do whatever they want in results. I will not "Play Along" with Nova being destroyed in his last matches all because he quit the federation days before just so the federation can save face. If asked in the future about the attack or match Nova Huntley will deny it ever taking place. As he explains it a look alike was hired. Because once a person quits or leaves a federation they are no longer apart of that show. To show otherwise is a desperate attempt to "get back" at someone which I will not accept.

For the time being the creater of Nova Huntley is not going to be active in any more federations. The reason being I'd rather play xbox360 or something else then deal with drama online that so many people create over a "pretend" e federation. It's what I believe people RP so much. That they forget it's a fictional game and actually think they are hurting the person. For this reason at this time no longer will be involed in federations. Rping in federations off and on for a combined ten years in total. Also I enjoyed my overall experience and remind people that rping is just a game and supposed to be fun. Meaning to enjoy yourselfs a little bit more}