The OCW Intercontinental Championship is a professional wrestling title held exclusively in OCW. It's the second highest title within the company amongst male competitors which it is exclusive to.


This belt is one of the most sought after titles in OCW. A majority of the superstars who have held this belt have went on to hold the Undisputed Championship soon after winning.

Just like everything else in OCW the Intercontinental championship is not without controversy. Drew Stevenson was the first ever Intercontinental champion but was stripped of the title by Justin Klein. The official reason was that "Justin felt like it", however Drew maintains that backstage politics were the reason he was stripped of the title as well as a competitor named The Giant who had a falling out with OCW.

Drew wasn't the only champion to be stripped for the title, Darren Stevens was also stripped of the belt by Big Tony. The reason for this was that Darren refused to defend the title on multiple occasions, Darren believed that due to his Hulk Hoganesque influence backstage he had the ability to pick and choose who to defend the title against. The straw that broke the camel's back came when a superstar named Taiokaion challenged Darren for the title and was denied. Big Tony made an appearance and demanded that Darren have the title in Tony's office by the end of the night because he no longer champion, a decision that sent Darren into a frenzy.

Even more controversy came at OCW Living Nightmare II when Justin Klein won the title through deception and trickery. Originally Owen Stevenson and Drake Solace were set to fight for the title, but just as it looked like Owen was going to win. Justin appeared and pushed a large cross (a prop for the match) onto Owen, injuring him. Justin then went on to pin Drake and announced that he had drafted a contract which made him a late entrant in the match, making his title win legitimate.

Shawn Clarke would take the championship from Dillon Durst after Durst had successfully defending it against Justin Klein during past weeks. Due to the help of Shawn Clarke's wife Kristilin Flint he would manage to obtain his first Intercontinental Championship on OCW Mayhem.


Record: Record holder: Record number: Notes:
Most reigns Drew Stevenson/Owen Stevenson 2 times Drew Stevenson was the first man to hold this belt twice.
Longest reign Justin Klein October 15, 2006 - February 26th, 2007 Despite being counted out time and time again, Klein has managed to defeat opponents such as Jason Carr, Brian Juneau, and Dillon Durst to retain his Intercontinental championship.
Shortest reign Drew Stevenson October 14, 2005 - October 21, 2005 Stripped of the title because Justin felt like it.
Oldest champion Owen Stevenson 31 years N/A
Youngest champion Shawn Clarke and Jason Carr 21 years N/A
Heaviest champion Martin Tank N/A N/A
Lightest champion Justin Klein 225 lbs N/A


  • Both Drew and Owen Stevenson are tied, having won the Intercontinental Championships on two separate occasions.
  • Only Drew Stevenson and Darren Stevens were stripped of the actual title. Drew stripped of it by Justin Klein, and Darren stripped of it by Big Tony.
  • Justin Klein won the championship in controversial end of a match at Living Nightmare 2. His addition to the title match was a late addition.
  • Martin Tank and Drew Stevenson had a fantastic match at Immortality for the Intercontinental title. One which is regarded as one of the best of the year.
  • Shawn Clarke defeated Dillon Durst controversially, as he would use the help of Kristilin Flint by wrapping a belt through the wiring of the cage to choke Durst out.

Current Champion

Shawn Clarke is the current Intercontinental Champion. He defeated Dillon Durst at Mayhem in a Steel Cage match.

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OCW: Online Championship Wrestling

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