One of OCW's discontinued shows which was used to allow new talent to demonstrate their skills. The show was never televised but became too bothersome to produce. There were also issues with general management and thus the show became unprofitable and was eventually scrapped. This is what led to dark matches being held on the Mayhem pre-show.


Near the end of '06 there was word going around regarding the return of OCW Chaos. However, due to Justin Klein's controversial clash with the MSN board of directors the rumors quickly stopped. This disappointed a few superstars who found that they were having trouble getting onto the Mayhem card because of the ever growing OCW roster.


On the April 16th, 2007 edition of Mayhem David Devine announced that MTV had picked up OCW programming. Chaos was official brought back as OCW's second brand with Kevin Sane as general manager.

The End of Chaos

Following backstage disputes between Kevin Sane and David Devine regarding the direction of Chaos and Kevin's dedication to it, Kevin Sane was fired live on Mayhem. Following the corporate takeover by the unholy alliance of Justin Klein and Kevin Sane Chaos seemed to get lost in the shuffle as the roster in the process of being re-built.


  • Originally the internet championship was developed specifically so that it could be defended weekly on Chaos.
  • There was an overwhelmingly positive response when Chaos was brought back, most felt that Mayhem card was becoming too packed.
  • The first return edition of Chaos featured a main event battle royal for the tag team championships. Something which would have ordinarily never happened on the original Chaos.


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