The OCW Hardcore Championship is a professional wrestling title held only exclusively to OCW. For such an unisex belt, it doesn't hold much worth within the company, although it has slowly begun to work it's way back to the spotlight.


This is perhaps the least credited title in OCW history. The first ever champion, Martin Tank, Dropped it after only a day, claiming the title to be a waste. Soon thereafter the title would change many hands but wouldn't gain an ounce of prestige until Rain Storms defeated Jason Carr on Homecoming to become the first ever female Hardcore champion.

Following Rain's example, every Hardcore champion after her has been a female (Ambika Renton, Scarlett Manson and Gabriella Riley)

In probably one of the most awkward title change/reign in OCW history, Drew Stevenson picked the Hardcore title up in Justin Klein's office after Martin Tank dropped it. He then held the title for less than a day when it was revealed to him by Tank that the title he had in his possession was just a toy. For this reason historians dispute the validity of Drew's title reign, although it remains a debated topic, the general consensus is that Drew's reign was not legitimate. Making his claims that he was the first ever OCW double champion, false.

There was much controversy surrounding the title in a Kevin Sane and Darren Stevens match. At the time Darren was the hardcore champion after winning the woodpile brawl at Snowbrawl and Kevin Sane was the Intercontinental Champion after Thunder didn't show up for their match. The Loser of the match would end up taking the Hardcore championship and the winner would claim the OCW Intercontinental championship, a match that Kevin Sane inevitably lost... Won. Fans credit this match with burying the Hardcore title even further, seeing Kevin as a false champion although still a fan favorite.


Record: Record holder: Record number: Notes:
Most reigns N/A N/A No superstar has ever held the belt twice.
Longest reign Darren Stevens December 11, 2005 - March 25, 2006 Exchanged the title with Kevin Sane for the Intercontinental belt in their March 25 match.
Shortest reign Martin Tank ca. 1 day Tank dropped it the very next day claiming it 'to be a waste'.
Oldest champion N/A N/A N/A
Youngest champion N/A N/A N/A
Heaviest champion N/A N/A
Lightest champion Scarlett Manson N/A 124 lbs


Current Champion


Scarlett Manson is the current OCW Hardcore Champion. She won the championship at Snowbrawl II, Dec. 17, 2006, by defeating Ambika Renton. Continuing the trend of women Hardcore champions.

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