OCW Immortality is OCW's Wrestlemania like PPV. It is the biggest PPV they put on and it happens in June.

View the OCW Immortality intro here: Created by Liz idol




Immortality, OCW's biggest PPV event

Main Event

Darren Stevens vs. Kevin Sane - Undisputed Championship

Winner: Kevin Sane

Match 7

Martin Tank vs. Drew Stevenson - Intercontinental Championship

Winner: Martin Tank

Match 6

Tara Wilson vs. Justin Klein - Battle of the Sexes

Winner: Justin Klein

Match 5

Lita vs. Ava Scin - Women's Championship

Winner: Lita

Match 4

Johnny Invincible vs. James Farwell - Hardcore Championship

Winner: Johnny Invincible

Match 3

Kurt Eagle vs. Fozzy Ozborne - Internet Championship

Winner: Kurt Eagle

Match 2

Chris Cutter vs. Xtreme 3:16 - Steel Cage

Winner: Xtreme 3:16

Opening Match

Devin Murdock vs. TJ Ursu

Winner: Draw

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