Main Event

Bryan Williams DEFEATS Shawn Clarke, Owen Stevenson & Sean Hunter

Stips: Elimination Hell in a Cell (OCW Championship.)

Pre Main Event

Scarlett Manson (c) DEFEATS Tara Stevenson

Stips: Singles (Women's Championship.)

Match 6

John Black DEFEATS Brian Juneau

Stips: Intercontinental Scrambler (Intercontinental Championship.)

Match 5

Mark Riggs (c) DEFEATS Travis McNeill

Stips: Street Fight (Hardcore Championship.)

Match 4

Rob Johnson DEFEATS Rain Storms

Stips: Singles (#1 Contendership to the Intercontinental Championship.)

Match 3

Blake Ramic (c) DEFEATS Josh Diamond

Stips: Barbed Wire Match (Internet Championship.)

Match 2

Jasmine Stephens DEFEATS Titiana Mackenzie (c)

Stips: Singles (Women's Internet Championship.)

Opening Match

Faith DEFEATS Georgia James

Stips: Singles (Mud Wrestling Match)

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