The OCW Intercontinental Championship is a former wrestling championship title competed for under the Online Championship Wrestling banner. The title was the second-most prestigious championship in OCW and served as a stepping stone for many wrestlers who would later win the OCW World Heavyweight Championship. It was also briefly known as the OCW International Title. This is a list, by ring name, of people that have been OCW Intercontinental Champion.

Wrestler Times Date Event Notes
Slim Shady 1 April 30, 2000 Total Demolition Defeated The Rainman and Crowned Royal in a 3-Way Dance to become the first OCW Intercontinental Champion.
Felon 1 June, 2000 Monday Night Massacre
Scott Syren 1 June, 2000 Friday Night War
Shane Thunder 1 July 17, 2000 Monday Night Massacre
Lurrr 1 July 30, 2000 No Limits
William Haynes 1 October 1, 2000 Titans Collide
SiLVeRFReeK 1 November 10, 2000 Friday Night War
Scott Syren 2 January 5, 2001 Friday Night War "Exchanged" the OCW World Hardcore Title with SiLVeRFReeK for the Intercontinental Title.
Everlast 1 January 15, 2001 Monday Night Massacre
Shadow Stalker 1 March 11, 2001 Razorbacked Awarded the title after losing the OCW World Heavyweight Championship to Everlast.
Fenix 1 June 24, 2001 Sinful Nature II Defeated Cyryn to win the vacant title.
"The Real F*ckin Show" Kannon 1 August 9, 2001 Thursday Night War
Andy Murray 1 August 26, 2001 Last Man Standing 2 Defeated Goldie, Tim "De-Gen" Kanzikston, Krayzie, and Malice "The Executioner" in a 5-Way Cell Match to win the vacant title.
Titan 3 1 April 28, 2002 Rolling Thunder II Defeated El Linchador to win the vacant title.
Scott Masters 1 June 1, 2002 Total Demoliton II Awarded the title by The Big Bifford after Titan 3 won the OCW World Heavyweight Championship.
House Of Pain 1 June 25, 2002 Sinful Nature III: Celtic War Defeated Scott Masters and Outcast in a 3-Way Dance.
Eliminator 1 June 25, 2002 Sinful Nature III: Celtic War
Marvelous Mario Maurako 1 July 29, 2002 No Limits III Won the title as part of a stable war match.
Pete "Pornstar" Parker 1 September 30, 2002 Monday Night Massacre Defeated Goldie to win the vacant title.
Kylo 1 October 31, 2002 Halloween Holocaust III Defeated El Linchador and "The Real F*ckin Show" Kannon in a 3-Way Dance to win the vacant title.
El Linchador 1 January 27, 2003 Apocalypse Now III
Titan 3 2 February 23, 2003 In Ruins Defeated El Linchador, Andrew Logan, and Lurrr in a 4-Way Dance.
Kylo 2 March 23, 2003 Razorbacked III
Kevin Heat 1 February 22, 2004 Razorbacked IV Defeated J. Rish to win the vacant title.
Scorpion 1 March 31, 2004 Blackout
House Of Pain 2 April 26, 2004 Monday Night Massacre
Pete "Pornstar" Parker 2 June 26, 2005 Sinful Nature IV Defeated Silverfreak to win the vacant title.
Perfect Paul Paras 1 January 30, 2006 Blackout 2006 Defeated Andy Murray to win the vacant title.

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