The OCW Internet championship is a professional wrestling title exclusive to OCW. Originally the belt was only defended on the non-televised broadcast, OCW Chaos. Following the show's demise however the belt was then brought to OCW Mayhem with much success. The interesting aspect of the Internet title is that the champion must defend the belt on a weekly basis.


OCW Founder Justin Klein awarded himself the Internet Championship on October 2, 2005 and eventually lost it to HHH a few days later on the October 7th, 2005 episode of Mayhem.

The title would go on to change hands many times to many different superstars. Many considered it a viable stepping stone to holding other more important titles within the company.

Originally on Mayhem, the Internet Championship would go on to find a home on OCW Chaos, a house show. People considered the title not worthy enough to be in competition on OCW's flagship show Mayhem. While Chaos is now defunct, the Internet is still very much alive in thriving right back on its home, Mayhem. Its no surprise that the Internet title has had the most title changes of any OCW belt in history.


Record: Record holder: Record number: Notes:
Most reigns Kurt Eagle Two Kurt Eagle had his first title reign on Chaos, then his second at Immortality
Longest reign Bryan Williams Nov 19th, 2006 - February 4, 2007 Ryan Payne had been the longest reigning Internet champion for many months until finally his record was broken by Bryan Williams. It was only because of his duties as the owner of OCW that Bryan relinquished the title.
Shortest reign Justin Klein 5 days Klein granted himself the title but then went on to lose it to HHH just 5 days later.
Oldest champion Rusty Nails 31 years N/A
Youngest champion Shawn Clarke 20 years Second only to Payne by a few weeks, Shawn Clarke has the third longest reign.
Heaviest champion N/A N/A N/A
Lightest champion N/A N/A N/A


  • This title has changed hands more than any other title in OCW History.
  • This is easily considered the least prestigious title in OCW History but provides a great stepping stone in OCW.
  • Popular OCW Superstars and former Internet champions such as Ryan Payne, Shawn Clarke, Brian Blaze and Kevin Sane have all gone on to win the most acclaimed prize in the business, the OCW Undisputed Championship.
  • The context of this unique title was so popular it spawned another belt strictly for the females.
  • As a rule, the champion of this belt must defend it weekly on OCW Chaos, after Chaos shut down the belt was defended on OCW Mayhem
  • Shawn Clarke was hyped to beat Ryan Payne's streak as champion but lost it to hot new superstar Dillon Durst.
  • While being considered a "stepping stone" for the Undisputed Title; Many Undisputed Champions such as: Jason Carr, Hektik, Adolph Baumer, Drew Stevenson, Owen Stevenson and Darren Stevens have never held the title.

Current Champion

John Black is the current OCW Internet Champion.

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