OCW Mayhem


OCW Mayhem is OCW's flagship show, broadcast every Sunday. It was the company's first show and has lasted over multiple GMs. Unlike Chaos, the show has never been considered for cancellation, and has always been the highest rated wrestling program on the MSN circuit.

Even when Chaos was around, Mayhem was the main show, where the major main events were held. Chaos was for the newer people that needed some matches under their belts, mainly used for developing wrestlers.

During the earlier years of the company, Justin Klein and Big Tony would regularly try to one up each other on the show either by putting hand picked wrestlers against each other, or in things they tried to do to each other.


  • Mayhem has gone through many GMs, conservative estimates put the number at 7.
  • Ryan Payne was brought in as Chaos GM, but since his work was great for Chaos, he was promoted to Mayhem GM.
  • Although PPV's usually hold major matches, some huge matches like Drew Stevenson vs. Justin Klein and Hektik vs. Darren Stevens have occurred on the show rather than a PPV.
  • At the peak of The Insider's success, management decided to try posting Mayhem results on the website in audio format rather than in text. However, many found the new format confusing and it was too troublesome to produce. Although it failed, the experiment once again demonstrated why OCW is the most innovative company on the MSN circuit.


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