The OCW Tag Team is a professional wrestling title. The OCW Tag Team Championship belt is exclusive to OCW only. The belt has not changed hands too many times, the second least in OCW history only behind the Women's championship. This is mostly because of OCW's small tag team division.


The first ever OCW Tag Team Championships were awarded to Da Legends (Josh Burton and Jason Carr) when they defeated The Rising Stars (Tai Star and Jake Benson) on OCW Living Nightmare. Since then the titles have continued to be a staple among OCW programming.

Perhaps the greatest tag team championship duo to date, are Darren Stevens and Ryan Payne. Both men were premiere forces in the now defunct OCW Stable "The Players Club" and held on to the championships until they were vacated by Ryan Payne and Darren Stevens. Darren and Ryan would go on to win the 2006 Slammy award for tag team of the year, although the duo had long since broken up when they won the award, it still solidified tham as the greatest tag team in OCW to date. However it is argued that the greatest person to contribute to the OCW Tag Team division due to his love of tag team wrestling is Jason Carr.


Record: Record holder: Record number: Notes:
Most reigns as a team N/A N/A No other team has went on to capture this championship more than once
Most reigns as an individual Jason Carr/Darren Stevens 2 Jason Carr has held the championship once with Josh Burton, later Hektik. And once again with TJ Ursu. Darren Stevens won the titles first with Ryan Payne and then a second time with Justin Klein.
Longest reign The Players Club (Darren Stevens and Ryan Payne) February 12, 2006 - May 5th, 2006 The Players Club remained undefeated and lost the title as a result of deception amongst the group.
Shortest reign Legendary Alliance c. Specific time period unknown, estimated to be a 2 weeks approx. Jason Carr suffered a near career ending knee injury and Hektik dropped the belt to join the nWo.
Oldest individual champion Hektik 42 years Hektik was given the title after Josh Burton left the company.
Youngest individual champion Jason Carr 20 years Won title three times, his first time when he was 20 years old.
Heaviest champions N/A N/A N/A
Lightest champions Ava Scin and Haylee Cruz 242 lb. Combined (120 lb. and 122 lb.) N/A


  • No other superstar in OCW has held the OCW Tag Team Championships more than Jason Carr
  • Ava Scin and Haylee Cruz were the first female tag team in OCW to hold the championships.
  • Darren Stevens vacated the title after his partner Ryan Payne walked away from the company.
  • During what had to be Jason Carr's worst week in professional wrestling, the team of former OCW Undisputed Champion Owen Stevenson and future OCW Undisputed Champion Brian Blaze, defeated the team of Jason Carr and TJ Ursu on the September 20th episode of OCW Mayhem.

Current Champions


Sean Hunter and Dillon Durst are the current Tag Team Champions in OCW. Bryan Williams gave his half of the title to Dillon Durst to focus on running the company. This came following Dillion's crushing defeat at the hands of Justin Klein as the tried to capture the OCW Intercontinental championship.

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