Main Event

Justin Klein defeats Bryan Williams (c) Stipulations: Undisputed Championship Cage Match Special Guest Referee: Darren Stevens Match 8 Shawn Clarke defeats Gregory James Stipulations: Bullrope Match

Match 7 Titiana Mackenzie defeats Teal Moore (c) Stipulations: Women's Championship

Match 6 John Black (c) defeats Sean Black Stipulations: Street Fight for the Intercontinental Title

Match 5 Faith defeats Rain Storms Stipulations: #1 Contednership for the Women's Title

Match 4 Darren Stevens defeats Evan Pierce Stipulations: Hair vs. Hair match #1 contednership for any title of the winner's choosing.

Match 3 Liz Idol & Drucilla Lee defeat Blake Ramic (c), Kat Sanders, Shannon Summers and Katya Rose Stipulations: Hardcore Championship

Match 2 Trevor Deacon defeats Mike Mazzarone Stipulations: Bar Room Brawl

Match 1 T.H.C. defeats Mark Riggs Stipulations: Singles match.

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