The OCW Undisputed Championship is a professional wrestling title. Formally the 'World Heavyweight Championship Belt', the OCW Undisputed Championship belt is exclusive to OCW only. It is considered the highest and most sought after prize in the company. While it is a normally male dominated prize structure, it is not limited to males only. Male Superstars within OCW with high enough ranking are eligible to compete for it as well as the top 3 OCW divas. Although, to this day a diva has never made a bid for the Undisputed championship.


The OCW Undisputed Championship is formally known as the World Heavyweight title. It was re-christened the night Darren Stevens defeated OCW Owner Justin Klein on the May 19th edition of Mayhem in what many coined as a sham of a match. The bout was a ploy by the former OCW owner to put the title on his prized pupil, Darren. Although Darren was recognized as the last ever OCW World Heavyweight champion that night, Big Tony made sure that he didn't hold onto the title. This lead to the shortest title reign in OCW history, ten seconds.

This belt is perhaps the belt most drenched in convtroversy among OCW. Out of 10 of its champions, 2 of them ended up dropping the belt and leaving the company soon after winning.

Normally its the belt that makes the champion, but OCW saw a different kind of change and it became the winners who have made the belt famous. Drew Stevenson was it's first ever holder and upon winning his fame skyrocketed to unprecesdented heights. The belt and it's champion came under fire though in a bunk decision to have Darren Stevens face off against Justin Klein after Ryan Payne vacated the belt upon his quitting of the company. Darren went on to face Kevin Sane for the belt on Immortality but ultimately lost to Sane.

Jason Carr is also noted for adding controversy to the belt when it was exposed that he was injecting steroids prior to his Munich Massacre Match against then champion Adolph Baumer for the title. Carr's career never recovered and although he had the second longest title reign in history, his achievements became tainted following the discovery.


Record: Record holder: Record number: Notes:
Most reigns Darren Stevens/Shawn Clarke 2 Times Darren Stevens was the first man to win the championship twice, but Clarke recently obtained the title for his second time by defeating Sean Hunter.
Longest reign Darren Stevens November 26, 2006 - February 18, 2007 Forced to drop the title due to medical reasons (Renal Cancer).
Shortest reign Darren Stevens c. 10 Seconds Stripped of the title 10 seconds after winning it by Big Tony
Oldest champion Hektik 42 years N/A
Youngest champion Kevin Sane 21 years N/A
Heaviest champion Hektik 317 lbs N/A
Lightest champion Darren Stevens 230 lbs N/A


  • This title has been vacated more than any other title in OCW history (4 times)
  • Kevin Sane and Ryan Payne are the two champions known to have left the company while still champion. Ryan Payne walked out on the company while Kevin Sane was unceremoniously fired.
  • Drew Stevenson has also vacated the title but was forced to after having suffered near fatal injuries in a match against Nefarious at Snowbrawl.
  • Darren Stevens had to drop the title after Violentimes Day II following this title defense against Brian Blaze after being diagnosed with Stage II Renal Cancer.
  • In the April Anarchy II lumberjack match, the lumberjacks consisted of Jonni Valentine, Panic, Kristilin Flint, Justin Klein, John Black, Angel Stratus, Bryan Williams, and Sean Black.
  • Originally, Dillon Durst and Kid Lighting were lumberjacks, until Panic took Kid Lightning out in the back, and Durst was found decimated in his locker room.
  • Shawn Clarke is one of the few men to have obtained the Undisputed Championship twice through cheating his opponents, with the use of his wife Kristilin, or his friends, he has never won the Undisputed Championship in a fair manner.
  • At Immortality II, Bryan Williams defeated Shawn Calrke, Owen Stevenson and Sean Hunter to become the Undisputed champion in what is being heralded as the match of the year

Current Champion

  • . vacated

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