The OCW Women's championship is a professional wrestling title held exclusively in OCW. It's regarded as the highest title among the women's division and is exclusive to females only. The title has changed hands the least out of any in OCW history.


This is one of the most heavily sought after belts in all of OCW history and also one of the highest. With the revolving door of female talent, this seems to be one of the most belts in high competition.

The belt was first won by Candice Bellington on the October 14th, 2005 episode of OCW Mayhem. She lost the belt soon thereafter to Teal Moore in a North Pole Match at OCW Snowbrawl. The two divas had a stunning rivalry and are responsible for getting many fans interested in the women's division.

While the long list of champions isn't very high compared to other titles, this championship hasn't been totally marred by controversy. The longest reign was courtesy of Trish Stratus-Payne with an unprecedented 6 month title reign.

The championship came under fire again when Rain Storms and Scarlett Manson were named co-champions at Munich Massacre, in a special guest match refereed by Tara Wilson. Following that there was even more controversy as Maria Romano won the belt from both Rain and Scarlett in a match she wasn't even scheduled for.


Record: Record holder: Record number: Notes:
Most reigns Scarlett Manson 2x First To hold the belt Twice.
Longest reign Trish Stratus-Payne January 13, 2006 - June 13, 2006 (Approx.) Payne claims the longest reign in OCW History and to this date still hasn't been beaten for it. She left it vacated when she walked out of the company with husband Ryan Payne.
Shortest reign Maria Romano Oct. 15, 2006 - Oct. 29, 2006 Maria lost the title in a Diva open invitational which featured stars like Tara Wilson and even Big Bertha.
Oldest champion Teal Moore 25 at time of first win. 27 at time of second win. N/A
Youngest champion Tara Wilson 22 years N/A


  • Among holding the women's championship the longest, Trish also is tied with former OCW Women's champion Rain Storms for most consecutive wins without suffering a defeat (12 wins)
  • The first ever co-champions in OCW history (aside from Tag Champions) were Rain Storms and Scarlett Manson
  • Lita is the second diva to ever leave the title vacated upon leaving the company (Trish was the first)
  • Teal Moore, Trish Stratus, and Tara Wilson are the only divas to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Each of them has held the Women's championship at some point or another.

Current Champions

Jasmine Stephens is the current OCW Women's champion.

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