The OCW World Heavyweight Championship is a former wrestling championship title competed for under the Online Championship Wrestling (briefly Omega Championship Wrestling) banner. The holder of the title was considered the top wrestler in the company during his reign. This is a list, by ring name, of people that have been OCW World Heavyweight Champion.

Wrestler Times Date Event Notes
Lurrr 1 December 27, 1999 FrostBite Defeated Brian Velocity to become the first OCW World Heavyweight Champion.
DareDevil 1 January 3, 2000 Monday Night Massacre
Lurrr 2 January 10, 2000 Monday Night Massacre
Big Daddy G 1 April 30, 2000 Total Demolition Defeated D Double D to win the vacant title.
D Double D 1 May 5, 2000 Friday Night War
Slim Shady 1 June 16, 2000 Friday Night War
Johnny Hunter 1 July 30, 2000 No Limits
Scott Syren 1 August 4, 2000 Friday Night War
SiLVeRFReaK 1 September 18, 2000 Monday Night Massacre
Scorpion 1 September 24, 2000 Titans Collide
Scorpion 2 October 29, 2000 Halloween Holocaust Defeated Cash Money to win the vacant title.
D Double D 2 December 31, 2000 Frostbite II Defeated Logan Caine to win the vacant title.
Special K 1 February 4, 2001 Apocalypse Now
Shadow Stalker 1 February 27, 2001 Tuesday Night Massacre
Everlast 1 March 11, 2001 Razorbacked
Perfect Paul Paras 1 March 11, 2001 Razorbacked Defeated JD Tyson to earn a title shot later that night against the winner of the Everlast vs. Shadow Stalker match. Defeated the new champion, Everlast, for the title.
The Great One 1 June 24, 2001 Sinful Nature II Defeated Marvelous Mario Maurako to win the vacant title.
Silver Cyanide 1 August 26, 2001 Last Man Standing II Defeated The Great One and Shannon Shag-Nasty in a 3-Way Dance.
SiLVeRFReaK 2 May 31, 2001 Halloween Holocaust II
The Big Bifford 1 December 16, 2001 FrostBite III Defeated Handy Man and Playboy G in a 3-Way Dance to win the vacant title.
The Great One 2 March 12, 2002 Tuesday Night Massacre
Andy Murray 1 March 24, 2002 Razorbacked II
Lurrr 3 April 28, 2002 Rolling Thunder II
Kreller Masters 1 May 21, 2002 Tuesday Night Massacre
Titan 3 1 June 1, 2002 Total Demolition II
Goldie 1 June 25, 2002 Sinful Nature III Defeated Titan 3, Andy Murray, and The Great One in a Fatal Four-Way Match.
Josh Allen 1 July 2, 2002 Tuesday Night Massacre
Andy Murray 2 July 28, 2002 No Limits 3 Won the title in a multi-man faction war match, where he gained the final pinfall.
El Linchador 1 September 23, 2002 Monday Night Massacre Defeated Silver Cyanide to win the vacant title.
Silver Cyanide 2 October 6, 2002 Titans Collide III Longest title reign, topping The Big Bifford's record.
Andrew Logan 1 January 27, 2003 Apocalypse Now III
Jason Stone 1 March 3, 2003 Monday Night Oblivion
Jin Royale 1 [[March 23, 2003 Razorbacked III
Jin Royale 2 February 22, 2004 Razorbacked IV Won a Fatal Four-Way Match against Jack Sullivan, Lurrr, and Tony Cuffari for the vacant title.
Top Dog 1 March 31, 2004 Blackout Defeated Jin Royale and Jack Sullivan in a 3-Way Dance.
Scott Syren 2 June 26, 2005 Sinful Nature IV Defeated Perfect Paul Paras to win the vacant title.

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