The OCW World Lightweight Championship is a former wrestling championship title competed for under the Online Championship Wrestling banner. The Championship was contested exclusively among wrestlers weighing 225 lbs or under. The title holds the dubious distinction of being OCW's most vacated championship, with very few champions actually losing their title in a match. This is a list, by ring name, of people that have been OCW World Lightweight Champion.

Wrestler Times Date Event Notes
Twiztid 1 December 19, 1999 FrostBite Defeated Kid Gorgeous to become the first OCW World Lightweight Champion.
Tatum Coe 1 July 10, 2000 Monday Night Massacre Defeated Rychel to win the vacant title.
El Linchador 1 October 3, 2000 Titans Collide Defeated Tatum Coe, SB-1, and Curt Canon in a 4-Way Dance.
Enigma 1 December 31, 2000 FrostBite II Defeated AJ Cash and Beefcake Brian Haynes in a 3-Way Dance to win the vacant title.
Josh Allen 1 March 11, 2001 Razorbacked
Josh Allen 2 June 24, 2001 Sinful Nature II Defeated Pete "Pornstar" Parker to win the vacant title upon OCW's reopening.
Pete "Pornstar" Parker 1 September 30, 2001 Titans Collide II Defeated Mystery Man to win the vacant title.
"Fantastic" Scotty Clark 1 October 31, 2001 Halloween Holocaust II
Jason Chase 1 December 16, 2001 FrostBite III Defeated "Wildfire" Roz Blayze and Drifter in a 3-Way Elimination Match to win the vacant title.
Silver Cyanide 1 February 12, 2002 Tuesday Night Massacre Awarded the title.
Josh Allen 3 April 9, 2002 Tuesday Night Massacre Defeated Jason Chase to win the vacant title.
Pete "Pornstar" Parker 2 June 1, 2002 Total Demolition II
Sirus Esteban Del-Norte 1 June 25, 2002 Sinful Nature III: Celtic War
Silver Cyanide 2 September 30, 2002 Monday Night Massacre Vacated the title on October 6th upon winning the OCW World Heavyweight Championship.
Jin Royale 1 December 15, 2002 FrostBite IV Defeated Gambler Greg, Olu Lamptey, and Phantom in a 4-Way Dance to win the vacant title.
Jason Stone 1 March 23, 2003 Razorbacked III
Sirus Esteban Del-Norte 2 February 16, 2004 Monday Night Massacre Defeated Arryk Rage to win the vacant title.
Terrence Black 1 March 31, 2004 Blackout Defeated Sirus Esteban Del-Norte, Nitro, Curt Canon, Zeke Carmichael, Frost, and "The Spanish Fly" Jose Habrera in a 7-man "Lightweight Open" Gauntlet Match.
Silver Cyanide 3 June 26, 2005 Sinful Nature IV Defeated Cayle Murray in a Hazardous Ladder Match to win the vacant title.

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