The OCW World Tag Team Championship is a former wrestling championship title competed for under the Online Championship Wrestling banner. The championships were contested between two-member tag teams and their holders were considered the top tag team in the company during their reign. This is a list, by ring name, of teams and team members that have been OCW World Tag Team Champions.

Team Name Wrestlers Times Date Event Notes
Pro-Pain Hellbinder & Arkangel 1 April 30, 2000 Total Demolition Defeated Serial Killaz to become the first OCW World Tag Team Champions.
The Greek Gods Zeus & Hades 1 June 25, 2000 Sinful Nature Defeated Soul Reavers to win the vacant titles.
Extremely Dangerous James "The Killer" Vorex & Curt Canon 1 September 3, 2000 Last Man Standing
Mississippi Mud Percy Ellis & "Stonewall" Jackson 1 October 29, 2000 Halloween Holocaust
Perfectly Marvelous Perfect Paul Paras & Marvelous Mario Maurako 1 November 20, 2000 Monday Night Massacre
Sex and Violence Pete "Pornstar" Parker & "Maniac" Mark Kelley 1 July 29, 2001 No Limits 2 Defeated Seventeen to win the vacant titles.
Sex and Violence Pete "Pornstar" Parker & "Maniac" Mark Kelley 2 February 22, 2004 Razorbacked IV Defeated Those Damn Bastards to win the vacant titles upon OCW's reopening.
The New Wave Chris Cutlass & Joey Corona 1 January 30, 2006 Blackout 2006 Awarded the titles by OCW President Dean.

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