OJ-FWA - FIRST - took place on June 24th, 2006, from the Tokyo Dome in Japan. This was Olive Japan: FWA's first foray into a big event. Notably absent were So Ryung Park and John "©" McKay


Match 1: A-Hole Ronald Vs. Choshu - Choshu def. Ronald with a Sleeper Hold. Crowd was all over Ronald in this encounter.

Match 2: Team Challenge Series - RANDOM Vs. Team Fire Pro Team Fire Pro def. RANDOM to advance to the second Round. Order of Eliminations:

  • Starman pinned HAYATE after a moonsault kick
  • Morio Smith pinned Starman after a spinning heel kick
  • Morio Smith eliminated by count out
  • Jealbreaker Bullnoi eliminated Abdullah Kobayashi by bearhug
  • Mohawk Kid pinned Jailbreaker Bullnoi by cross body
  • Ho Yin Long eliminated Mohawk Kid by Busaiku Knee/Half Crab combo
  • Ho Yin Long Eliminated Acid Drop by Busaiku Knee/Half Crab combo

Match 3: Liliana Vs. Amy Chen - Chen def. Liliana with a Rolling Prawn Hold. A rather disjointed match between two rookies new to OJ-FWA. Match was very spotty and there were a few blown spots, possibly due to it being the first time for both of them working in front of such a large audience. There was little to no psychology, but the surprise ending really seemed to get the crowd into the match. These rookies can only get better!

HOLT notes: After the match, after hearing what co-president Reiko Hikawa had to say about the match, Liliana stormed out looking extremely frustrated. Despite all this, Liliana is still planned to be facing Chen again when OJ-FWA visits the US. Their match will take place on the promotion's Hammerstein Ballroom card which, of course, is located in Liliana's home state of New York.

Match 4: Delray Biggs & Steve Kingston (PW-Riot) and Trent FROST Vs. geNEON's Dwayne Reade & Ryan Wright (MCPro) and SHALLOW - Biggs, Kingston, and Frost defeated Reade, Wright, and SHALLOW when Biggs pinned Wright with a Falcon Arrow. Excellent showing by all. If the MCPro and PW-Riot guys were experiencing any jet lag, they all masked it well and put forth one hell of a match. The geNEON boys were excellent in cutting the ring in half and always keeping the fresh man in. The skillfulness of Biggs and the all out toughness of Kingston really won over the Tokyo Dome crowd. Even though this match marks the return of SHALLOW after a two-year long absence, there was no ring rust visible. Trent FROST, his former stablemate in BATTERY (along with the Maestro) also returned from time away to recover from a leg injury.

HOLT notes: Trent FROST was limping heavily backstage after the match. This was believed to have been caused by Reade's multiple dropkicks to the knee. Word is that he has been taken to the hospital to have some MRI's done, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

Match 5: Russ "Sledge" Morgan Vs. Arson (PW-Riot) - Arson defeated Morgan with the Firebomb. There were numerous attempts by Morgan to try and put Arson away early, including 2 Northen Lights Bombs, but they all failed. Arson showed everyone why he is PW-Riot's No Frills Champion.

Match 6: IKU Vs. Marie Reyes (LAWL) - Reyes defeated IKU with a Buffalo Sleeper Hold. An interesting back and forth match, with the more experienced Reyes taking the victory.

HOLT NOTE: After the match, Reyes and IKU shook hands while IKU bowed to her. Nice show of sports(wo)man ship to end that match.

Match 7: Agent Zero Fighter Vs. "Blue" Mary Riegan(c)

Match 8: Agent S. O. (Free Agent) Vs. Agent Bruiser(c)

Olive Japan: FWA - FIRST -
Tokyo Dome
Event Name Olive Japan: FWA - FIRST -
Creator Olive Japan: FWA
Format Pro-Wrestling
Opening Theme Gemini - Folder 5
Location Tokyo Dome, Japan
Running Time 1 hour 40 minutes
Starring Olive Japan: FWA
Aired June 24, 2006
To See The Entire Show: On Google Video

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