One Up Wrestling
Debut Date March 29, 2005
Headquarters Tampa, FL
General Manager Alexander Kraven
Operated By Michael Nichols and Nick Gray

One Up Wrestling is the largest and longest running e-fed on It contains weekly shows and monthly Pay Per Views that are full of action as well as a little bit of comedy. With an amazing roster that only seems to grow larger, OUW is ready and willing to be the greatest e-fed on the internet.

Television Shows



  • OUW Sunday Night Storm
  • OUW Midnight Melee

Championships and Accomplishments

Promotion Championship
or accomplishment
Current champion(s) Held since
One Up Wrestling OUW Champion N/A ???
OUW United States Champion Michael "Plat" King December 16th, 2007
OUW Intercontinental Champion N/A ???
OUW Tag Team Champions Robert L. Davis / Jonathan Pane January 30th, 2008

Titles Discontinued in OUW





Former Superstars





List of Pay Per View Events

OUW Presents: Ascension January

OUW Presents: Eleventh Hour February

OUW Presents: Paramount March

OUW Presents: Regression April

OUW Presents: Massacre May

OUW Presents: Revolution June

OUW Presents: Syndication July

OUW Presents: Aftermath August

OUW Presents: Culmination September

OUW Presents: Malevolence October

OUW Presents: Turmoil November

OUW Presents: Retribution December

One Time Only/Former Pay Per View(s)

OUW Presents: Finale

OUW Presents: Redemption

OUW Presents: Genesis

OUW Presents: Conversion

Matches made in OUW

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