The OUW Championship is a hybrid of both the OUW Heavyweight Championship and the OUW World Championship. This was brought about when the OUW was re-opened. This will be the only title page (minus the OUW Heavyweight Championship) that will have dates, as it is the most prestigious title in the OUW.

Current Holders

Wrestler Date Won Date Lost Defeated
Stephen Steele August 20th, 2006 October 23rd, 2006 Jasper "Dark" Griffin
Terry "Shadic" Pierce November 5th, 2006 March 18th, 2007 Robert L. Davis
Samuel Hessingstock March 18th, 2007 May 7th, 2007 Terry "Shadic" Pierce
Ethan Starr May 7th, 2007 July 22nd, 2007 Samuel Hessingstock
Samuel Hessingstock July 22nd, 2007 August 19th, 2007 Ethan Starr
Dylan "Gamr" Scott August 19th, 2007 December 16th, 2007 Samuel Hessingstock
Ben Stevens December 16th, 2007 January 20th, 2008 Dylan "Gamr" Scott
Dylan "Gamr" Scott January 20th, 2008 January 29th, 2008 Ben Stevens

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