The OUW's first major title, the OUW Heavyweight Championship has a short yet storied history. This will be the only title page (minus the OUW Championship) that will have dates, as it was the most prestigious title in the OUW.

Past Holders

Wrestler Date Won Date Lost
Dylan "Gamr" Scott March 25th, 2005 June 26th, 2005
Michael "Plat" King June 26th, 2005 August 21st, 2005
Dylan "Gamr" Scott August 21st, 2005 September 18th, 2005
Xavier Williams September 18th, 2005 December 18th, 2005
Dylan "Gamr" Scott December 18th, 2005 April 2nd, 2006
Chris “Coz” Zernskie April 2nd, 2006 April 30th, 2006
Dylan "Gamr" Scott April 30th, 2006 June 11th, 2006
Devon Poole June 11th, 2006 June 25th, 2006
Michael "Plat" King June 25th, 2006 July 30th, 2006 (Retired)

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