OUW Monday Night Storm
Show Name Monday Night Storm (MNS)
Creator OUW
Format Sports Entertainment
Opening Theme Boom - P.O.D.
Shows based out of USA - Some overseas ventures
Running Time 1 Hour (2-2.5 for PPV's)
Starring OUW Roster
First Aired April 10, 2005
Last Aired Present
Original Run April 10, 2005 – Present
Federation type Roleplay based

OUW Monday Night Storm originally aired on April 10, 2005. This happened one week after the inaugural OUW PPV, The Paramount. It featured wrestlers such as: Dylan "Gamr" Scott, Michael "Plat" King, and Xavier Williams.

With WELL over a years worth of shows (every week minus PPV Sundays), OUW Monday Night Storm has created many memories, some feel good, some controversial, and others wrestling classics, and there is no sign of backing down yet, as the OUW moves into its 41st PPV, Eleventh Hour '08.

After the last show on October 15, 2006, it switched over from Sunday Nights to Monday Nights, a move initiated by the OUW BoD.

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