OUW Finale was the final tribute show under the Management of Michael "Plat" King. He wanted to go out the right way, and had final matches made before the OUW went on a brief hiatus in late July/early August of 2006.

Match Card

Two Falls Match. First for the OUW World Championship. Second for the OUW Heavyweight Championship
OUW United States Championship Match
OUW Intercontinental Championship Match
  • Chris “Coz” Zernskie def. Psyclone to become the NEW Intercontinental Champion
    • Coz pinned Psyclone after a Lost Coz from the top rope
OUW FTR Championship Match
  • Terry "Sonic" Pierce def. Calypso to become the NEW FTR Champ
    • Sonic pinned Calypso after a Sonic Stunner from the top rope (which would later to be called the Super Sonic Stunner)
OUW Tag Team Championship Match


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