OUW's Redemption started back on January 8th, 2006.

Past Cards

January 8th, 2006

Weapon of Choice Match for the OUW Heavyweight Championship
  • Dylan "Gamr" Scott def. Christian "ATHF" Lee to retain the title
    • Gamr wins the match by using his weapon of choice (sledgehammer) across ATHF's head
OUW Intercontinental Championship Match
Last Man Standing Match
  • Chris “Coz” Zernskie def. Jace Kage
    • Coz knocked Jace out with a Shooting Star Press from the ring turnbuckle through the announce table
    • Coz actually stood up at the count of 9 to prevent a double KO
uWa Hardcore Championship Match
  • Prophet def. Terry "Sonic" Pierce and Hollywood Jayson to become the NEW uWa Hardcore Champion
    • Prophet made Sonic submit to The Divine
Regular Match


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