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Current Card

Turmoil comes at you LIVE on November, 2008

Past Cards

November 18th, 2007

Steel Cage Match for the OUW Championship
OUW United States Championship Match
OUW Tag Team Championship Match
No Disqualification Match for the OUW Intercontinental Championship
Fatal Four Way - #1 Contenders Match for the OUW Championship
Turmoil Tag Team Elimination Match

November 26th, 2006

Turmoil Tag Team Elimination Match
  • Team Coz (Chris “Coz” Zernskie(Captain), Stephen Steele, Michael "Plat" King, Terry "Sonic" Pierce) def. Team Gamr (Dylan "Gamr" Scott(Captain), Devon Poole, Samuel Hessingstock, Xavier Williams)
    • Elimination Number One; Team Coz's first elimination: Sonic
      • Gamr pinned Sonic after a Devil Drivr
    • Elimination Number Two; Team Gamr's first elimination: Devon Poole
    • Elimination Number Three; Team Coz's second elimination: Plat
    • Elimination Number Four; Team Gamr's second elimination: Sam
      • The men were eliminated after a ten count while outside of the ring
    • Elimination Number Five; Team Coz's third elimination: Steele
      • X pinned Steele after an XKO
    • Elimination Number Six; Team Gamr's third elimination: X
      • Coz pinned X after a Lost Coz
    • Elimination Number Seventh Elimination; Team Gamr's final elimination: Team Captain Gamr
      • Coz pinned Gamr after a modified Lost Coz
    • Coz's match request was a Monster's Clockwork Match at Retribution in which the loser retires
OUW Intercontinental Championship Match
#1 Contenders Match for the OUW Women's Championship

November 27th, 2005

Buried Alive Match for the OUW Heavyweight Championship
  • Shadow def. Terry "Sonic" Pierce to retain the title
    • Shadow won after Gamr interfered and smashed terry over the head witha shovel causing him to fall into the grave
OUW United States Championship Match
  • New Age def. Dylan "Gamr" Scott to become the NEW United States Champion
    • New Age pinned Gamr after Shadow inerfered and connected a modified Deadly Truth to Gamr
Turmoil Tag Team Elimination Match for the OUW Intercontinental Championship
  • Team Snake (Gavin "Snake" Steele, Christian "ATHF" Lee, Devon Poole, Ben “Crow” Stevens) def. Team Plat (Michael "Plat" King, Prophet, Psyclone, Samuel Hessingstock)
    • Crow eliminated Sam via pinfall after reversing a hurricanrana into a power bomb
    • Psyclone eliminated Crow via pinfall after a Psyclonic Forearm
    • Plat eliminated ATHF vis pinfall after a Proven Fact
    • Snake eliminated Prophet via submission by a Purgatory
    • Plat eliminated Snake via pinfall after a reverse DDT
    • Plat is eliminated via DQ after a low blow to Devon Poole
    • Devon Poole eliminated Psyclone to become the new Intercontinental Champion via pinfall after a superplex
Hardcore Submission Match
uWa Heavyweight Championship Match
  • Billy Hill def. Sgt. America to retain title
    • Billy pinned Sgt. America after a Swine Drop and used the ropes for leverage
FTR Match
  • Micheal “Bigg Daddy” Sweet vs. Hollywood Jayson
    • This match was awarded a No Contest after both men were rendered immobile after Shock Stick attacks


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