Trotwood, Ohio - Hara Arena

Aug. 8, 2007


Main Event

Cage Match

Kris Williams vs. Steve Storm

Opening match note: Steve Storm is bloody in the first five minutes of the match.

Mid-Match Note: Williams tried to escape the cage at least ten times.

Closing match note: Shannon Kayne and David “Shadow” Kayne came to ring side. They had Storm distracted and Williams escaped the cage. (25:00)

Post match: Williams took the Midwest Title as David “Shadow” Kayne hit the Black out II on a bloody Storm.

4 Corner tag team Elimination

xXx def. The Flying Thunder, Tokyo Death Squad, and God’s Forgotten

Opening Match notes: Kentia Mursorio pinned Masa Mursorio after hitting the Fire Fly Press II. After the elimination all remaining teams brawled inside the ring.

Mid-match notes: Dark Messiah pins Ayo Tanahashi after him and Heaven hit the Falls from the heavens. xXx was only in the match for five minutes up to this point in the match.

Closing match note: xXx hits the X-Factor on Heaven. (45:15)

Cory Krisel def “The Hunter” Jason Hunt

Opening Match note: Back and forth action from both men.

Mid-Match note: A ton of near falls in the middle of the match.

Closing match note: Krisel winning via roll up. (15:15)

America’s Most Wanted def. "Der Gotische Engel" Caleb Lanseng/ Jake DeMarte

Opening match notes: AMW working on the ankle of DeMarte most the match.

Mid-match note: DeMarte had to leave the match do to an injury on the left ankle.

Closing match note: Slade hits the Fade to Black on Lanseng. (20:15)

After Match note: AMW beat Lanseng down and then cut a promo saying next week is there last show in MWA.

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