Olive Japan: FWA
Debut Date November 2005
Headquarters Kofu-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan
Owners John "©" McKay and Reiko Hikawa
Operated By OJ-FWA

Olive Japan: FWA (OJ-FWA) is a Japan-based professional wrestling organization. It is known for its large invitational tournaments and for its first Tokyo Dome show, OJ-FWA - FIRST -. It is also known for its colorful characters and its original premise of mainly booking outsiders for its shows. Now it has a solid base of its own talent, while still occasionally using outside talent.


Olive Japan Pro-Wrestling (OJPW)

OJ-FWA is based on an earlier independent parody promotion that had a large roster of athletes who made careers out of imitating established wrestlers. The promotion was initially wildly successful, its major workers being booked as tarento on Japanese variety TV and radio shows. Unfortunately, the joke became old quite fast and the company folded the next year. Among high-profile allegations of shady business deals, company founder Shinzo Aoki (青木心臓) committed suicide later that year.

New Olive Japan Pro-Wrestling (NOJPW)

One of OJPW's most loyal performers, one who made a career of imitating the stylings of a gigantic El Santo, picked up the pieces of the dead company. John "©" McKay started his own promotion, naming it after his previous employer, and booked nearly exclusively outside workers with a much more traditional wrestling philosophy. He did, however, wish to maintain some of the sense of fun that the previous Olive Japan had. Thus a key attraction was created: NOJPW would occasionally have workers cosplay and imitate comic book, and then later, video game and movie characters. At least two current OJ-FWA workers came from this practice. One of these was "Blue" Mary Riegan, who started as an imitator of a video game character, and then it eventually morphed into her own persona.

Female Wrestling Association (FWA)

FWA was a small independent joshi professional wrestling outfit run by former indy standout Reiko Hikawa (日川礼子). This league also predominantly hired outsiders for its shows.

Olive Japan: FWA

New Olive Japan and FWA merged November 2005.

Male Roster

Female Roster





  • Hiroki Yazaki - Ring Announcer



Current Title Holders

Full Metal Wrestling Invitational

Please accept (and forgive) this edit as your invitational to a cross-federation tournament to feature the best and the brightest that the e-wrestling world has to offer. The Full Metal Wrestling Invitational is hosted by Full Metal Wrestling @ Spaces are limited so please RSVP as soon as possible. The tournament will feature the 4 best superstars from all of the participating federations.

Championship Current champion(s) Won from Date Place
世界人間級王座 AKi-Man Agent Bruiser April 14, 2005 Tokyo, Jpn
世界女子王座 Mary Riegan Agent Zero Fighter June 24, 2006 Tokyo, Jpn
FWA North American Championship So Ryung Park N/A (Tournament) May 11, 2006 Los Angeles, CA USA
世界女子タッグ王座 Jungle Jack Agent Mystic Eyes & T. Yamada April 11, 2006 Yamanashi, Jpn

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