Olivia "La Oscura" Casanova is one of the most famous federation characters that have ever been created. She is an embodiment of all the hopes, dreams, and wants of Olivia Elaine O'Neal an 18 year old resident of New York. The character came into being approximately two years ago in a dead federation known as EWF. The Olivia character is a strictly Myspace federation character because Olivia E. prefers the Myspace circuit because of the access she can get to it.

Early On

Before Olivia ever wrestled she lived a fast track life that she was forced to stop once her parents died in a car crash when she and her fellow twin sister and wrestler Amia "La Luz" Casanova were seventeen. Both learned early on that the life was going to be rough. Olivia however got into more trouble which put a strain on the sisters' relationship. This caused them to separate for about a year before going in to live with their Uncle Joseph. He taught them to love wrestling again and even got them a job working backstage at a federation he wrestling at. Olivia would watch the likes of L. Heat and R. King fight it out and love the intensity of it all. It didn't matter how bad the match was or how good it was Olivia loved watching it all. Soon Olivia and Amia pitched that they'd like to wrestle. So they took to training in every style possible. This is how they met long time friend and fellow wrestler Lleh Kirova in Mexico. However Amia fell into some trouble here and as a result Olivia and Lleh watched as Amia fell into a path of forgetfulness that left the three feuding against Tres Senores. This lead to a feud in ESW that had Olivia, Amia, and Lleh pitted against three wrestlers from the dead faction of Thrilla Killaz. Those members were Pyro, Combat Carl, and Atomic Bomb. Olivia was the partial reason for this because she wanted to see TK fall. She later regreted her decision to betray her sister and made things right. Long before though Lleh came to ESW Olivia had betrayed her sister in other ways by turning her over to the monster Kane and so forth. It took a lot of time for them to heal the wounds, but now Olivia is a better person towards her sister than she ever was before. Olivia is still wrestling today as a result.

Wrestling Beginning:

Olivia's real start began in the federation of Xtreme Myspace Wrestling or XMW for short. There she proved why men and women alike should be afraid of her. Quickly she captured every title possible. Destroying opponents along the way. By the time she took ahold of several of the title she was looking for work in other federations. This is where Olivia made her debut in EWF nearly two years ago. Thanks to her sister Amia she was able to get a job and as a result won every title possible going against the likes of Kane, Darkest Evil, Nero, Ross, Azia, and so many others. Each time she faced them the matches and feuds were rememarable. Pyro was another person she had faced and as a result Olivia feuded with him over her sister. Soon this lead to Amia and Olivia feuding in EWF. Olivia still came out on top no matter the outcome with losing once or twice to Amia. Later when the federation closed they both went to ESW and started a new way of life. They quickly dominated the scene. Soon both sisters after ESW closed its doors one time to go to CCW a federation run by the infamous Steel Toe Joe. There Olivia met a greater challenge then ever before. She faced the monster Unknown. She feuded with Unknown to the point where her sister was even maimed by the monster to get her stop, but in the end Olivia ended up winning the battle. Soon after federations like Global Revolution Wrestling (GRW), United Wrestling Aggression (UWA), and other places opened their doors to Olivia.

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