The Brotherhood (Omen)
Billing information
Ring name(s) Omen
Nickname(s) "The Nightmare"
Height 6'3" (1.95m)
Weight 250 lbs (113kg)
Born October 31st, 1979
Place of Birth Haslett, Lansing, Michigan
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Hometown Whitney, Las Vegas, Nevada
Billed From Detroit, Michigan
Theme music "Omen" by The Prodigy
Stable/Tag Team Brotherhood
Wrestling information
Alignment Heel
Wrestling Style High Impact
Notorious Feuds With Chris Crush (IWF)
Phenom (IWF/TFWF)
Vic Slater (AW)
Disturbed (UIWF)
Phreak (UWA/UWF)
Justice Reigns (SCW)
Notorious Partnerships With Jake Lansing (IWF)
Hardcore Bergin (UWA)
Phreak (UWF/SCW)
Lyle Anderson (UWA/SCW)
Brian Reed (UWA/SCW)
Trainer Gabriel
Handler Lou E. Sypher (Louis Jacob Ciperwitz III)
Professional career
Debut September 2001
Record {{{record}}}
Accomplishments SCW Hardcore Champion x3
GWI Tag-Team Champion (w/ Rigomortis X)
UIWF International Tag-Team Champion (w/ Disturbed)
TFWF Hardcore Champion
WWO World Tag-Team Champion (w/ Beyond)
CWA World Heavyweight Champion
UWA Continental Champion
UWA Tag-Team Champion (w/ Jake Lansing)
UWA Tag-Team Champion (w/ Chris Crush)
IWF Intercontinental Championship
IWF Tag-Team Championship (w/ Chris "Hardcore" Bergin)
IWF European Championship (x2)IWF Hardcore Championship (x2)
Previous Federation(s) IWF
Retired {{{retired}}}
Current Federation(s) Sin City Wrestling

David Michael McCreary (born October 31, 1979)  is an American professional wrestler.  He is currently signed to SCW where he performs under the ring name of "The Nightmare Of Pro Wrestling"Omen. He has been employed by the company since April 2011 and is the current and three times holder of the Sin City Wrestling Hardcore Title as well as the winner in 2011 of the annual 'Time Limit Hardcore Title Match' held that year at the 'No Limit' pay-per-view.

Early life

Born in Lansing, Michigan, McCreary's father an Irish/American boxing promoter moved the family to Detroit when McCreary was 7 years old. At a young age McCreary showed little to no interest in following in his father's footsteps by pursuing a boxing career, He started watching World Championship Wrestling on television when he was 11 and by 14 had started to regularly attend any wrestling events held at the Pontiac Silverdome (now known as the Silverdome).

During High School McCreary began playing basketball and football, neither of which he excelled at or was truly happy participating in. A chance injury in his freshman year saw McCreary switch temporarily ro wrestling to regain some of the mobility he had lost during recuperation. Surprisingly while not a natural he showed a high tolerance to pain, and began to show a real interest in becoming a member of the wrestling team although it wasn't until his final year sophomore year that he gained his first competitive victory, the losses only helped galvanise his resolve, and also teach him a valuable lesson in team work. After graduation he knew what he wanted to be, but had little to no means to make his career in wrestling a reality.

Wrestling School & IWF

It was a chance meeting with a friend that would put him in touch with the Independent Wrestling Federation, now working in New York as a part-time bouncer as a way to put himself through college he was shown a poster for a local IWF show being held in Queens, New York. The show was small and rekindled the interest in wrestling McCreary had lost in the 11 months since graduating. At the bottom of the poster was a phone number for the IWF's Wrestling School. McCreary managed to get the $200 deposit he needed and called the number speaking to then IWF Intercontinenal Champion Gabriel. Despite not being able to pay for the full cause it was the friendship with Gabriel and his potential that persuaded the IWF that they should take the chance of continuing his schooling. McCreary was initially trained by Excaliber and Gabriel but Omen's potential was evident to these two IWF Stalwarts and after making his debut in late 2000 it wasn't long before IWF owner and Triumvirate leader Phenom was knocking at his door to recruit him to his cause.

Now wrestling under the gimmick Dark Omen McCreary was reluctant so early in his career to become involved in a long and bloody feud that had been brewing for months, and declined much to the annoyance of Phenom who didn't like being turned down, especially as he saw it, by a rookie that he gave a job too.


Dark Omen gained initial success it was hard for him not to notice the devastation the ongoing war between but he was also being booked in matches that would ultimate bring out the nastier side of Omen's character which Phenom hoped would bring him on side. Despite everything that was going on the first few month's of his professional career would culminate in two runs as Hardcore Champion, and two runs as European Champion including notable feuds with IWF's resident super hero Bluefire, the 'British Lumberjack' Axeman and the self-proclaimed 'Most Dangerous Man' Danyon Mayhem.

Despite all his success events elsewhere in IWF were conspiring against him, Phenom and his right hand, The Big Man had already started to conspire against Excaliber, recriting Gabriel when it was found out that he was really Phenom's 'Son' something the disturbed Gabriel took as fact despite the lack of evidence.

Phenom's meglomania saw Excaliber permanently retired at the hands of Big Man and Schizo despite him supposedly, the effect Phenom's action were having on the IWF, it's roster and fans soon bought Gabriel back to reality but it was too late for him to act, now with the “Canadian Superstar” Chris Crush added to his stable Phenom looked unstoppable. The promotion split in two, with Gabriel recruiting Omen and his tag-team partner “Extreme” Jake Lansing to try putting a stop against the tyrannical Phenom and his team of Big Man, Schizo, Chris Crush and Alex Harrod.


But it wasn't long before Lansing's head was turned by the offer of money and power from Phenom and he turned his back on Omen, after they'd won the Tag-Team titles. Surprisingly the belts were left to Omen to defend in a handicap match which again Lansing interferred in costing him the titles. With “Hardcore” Chris Bergin injured the following weak, and Gabriel fired Omen was no the next in line for Phenom.

The roster galvanised to try making him see what he was doing but with hired muscle in his Corporate Enforcer The Big Man Omen became his next target. Before the promotion finally closed in early 2001 Omen managed to get a disqualification and a count-out victory over Phenom as well as somehow managing to pull off an upset victory over Jericho the World Champion despite Phenom's interference. Phenom was taken hill with a serious heart condition and with no one to take over the day to day running of the company the promotion soon folded. Phenom would recover and return to TFWF where he and Omen would renew their bitter rivalry but for now he was looking for a new job.

CWA World Heavyweight Champion

Following his departure from the IWF, Omen quickly signed up with $oldout Wrestling, however the Australian based promotion never got started and within a month it was evident that there was never going to be any shows and that management had for the most part already given up on the company. Omen was then signed to a contract to wrestle in the fledgling Championship Wrestling Association, a small company but with a good if green roster that promised much. With his wife Sarah in his corner, Omen soon became number one contender for the World Heavyweight Title. His main opponent for the title would be Matt Denton a one of the few talents on the roster.

At the inaugural pay-per-view show King of Kings it was decided that a Triple Cage match would determine which wrestlers would vie for the top two titles, the World and International championships respectively. The match was poorly planned and with three simultaneous matches happening at the same time the fans could not follow what was happening, and neither could the officials or referees. The last two competitors in the match were Omen and his main challenger for the title Matt Denton, with Omen picking up the victory following a his Bad Omen finisher to end the night victorious.

Now World Heavyweight Champion Omen was forced to watch as the company began to implode, injured talent was forced to compete despite not being medically cleared, events were cancelled and before long it became obvious to him that despite his best efforts CWA owner Dan Worm was struggling to keep the promotion afloat despite his best efforts.

Eventually just a little over a month after their first pay per view the promotion closed for good. Unlike other champions that had been forced to return the title belts Omen took the CWA World Heavyweight Title in lieu of missed pay cheques he'd not received in the final days of the promotion. One by one lawsuits were issued against the company and it was agreed Omen would receive $500,000 as damages and in unpaid wages and bonuses although he would later find some of the roster members had not been paid since 'King Of Kings'.

Entrance Music

"Omen" The Prodigy (SCW)
"Bleed" Soulfly (PWA/UWF)
"Detroit Rock City" KISS (UWF)
"Don't Start Too Late/Symptom Of The Universe" Black Sabbath (UWF/IWF)
"Troops Of Doom" Sepultura (GWI)
"Sic" Slipknot (UIWF)
"Black Sabbath" Black Sabbath (TFWF/UWA)
"Raining Blood" Slayer (IWF/CWA/UWA)
"Psychotherapy" Skid Row/The Ramones (XWF/$W/CWA)

Tag-Team / Stable
"Drag The Water" Pantera (The Brotherhood - SCW)
"Theme Of The Triumvirate" Unknown (Triumvirate - IWF)

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