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Not to be confused with OCW: Online championship Wrestling

The Online Championship Wrestling(OCW) is an E-federation operated by Treat Cassidy. It's original run lasted from 1999-2001, and resurfaced in 2014 with a mixture of old and new faces. In June 2014, President Dean, the original owner of the company retired from running the federation, at which point it was brought out by current owner Cassidy. OCW runs a weekly Monday Night Massacre show, with PPV's running at the end of every month.


After OCW's successful run during the turn of the millennium, it stayed dormant until the Spring of 2014. Upon it's re-opening, President Dean suffered from cash flow problems, but was determined to make a successful run at reinstating his company. The once legendary company begin it's reruns out of bars and high school gymnasiums, with mainly a fresh, younger roster than had been with the federation in its original run. With help from financiers, Dean was able to produce captivating shows, rekindling the love of OCW for fans and former superstars alike, soon moving up from High School Gyms to small arenas and University Gyms, and even managing to record shows at Sea World and in open areas. Former stars soon began to return to the company, and now OCW continues to operate strongly, gaining more fans and notoriety.


Online Championship Wrestling runs one weekly show, Monday Night Massacre. Pay Per Views take place at the end of every Month on a Sunday (No massacre takes place the next day, giving 8 days between PPV and the next flagship show). OCW strives to hold Pay Per Views in unusual locations, and as such, match stipulations can vary according to location.

OCW's Pay Per Views have included:

Gimmick matches

OCW has it's share of explosive gimmick matches, some of which included in the 2014 era are:

  • House of Mirrors match: The competitors compete inside a structure which include six mirrored pods. Behind five of the pods is a weapon, behind the sixth a championship. The only way to win this match is to retrieve the championship and exit the pod containing it.
  • SeaWorld Killer whale match: Broadcast from Sea World during Black Out 2, this match had a ring suspended above the tank of Shamu the killer whale. The match was contested under hardcore rules, with victory coming by pinfall or submission.
  • Hazardous ladder match: A ladder match with a twist, out of the ladders provided, only one is not faulty. The rest have fake rungs that break upon a competitor climbing them. First to find the real ladder and grab the championship is the winner.
  • Ocean Battle Royal: Contested at Clash at the Coast, this match followed standard over the top rope elimination rules, with one slight twist. As the ring was suspended above the ocean, the only way to be eliminated was to be thrown into the Pacific Ocean.
  • Walk the plank: Again contested at Clash at the Coast, the object of this match was to walk a plank which hovered over the ocean, retrieve the championship and return to the ring.
  • Steel caged ladder match: A ladder match contested inside a steel cage, the way to win was to retrieve the championship with the use of a ladder, and then escape with the title from the cage.


  • Amber "Distored Angel" Ryan
  • Ana Archia
  • Bob Grenier
  • Brandon Gateman
  • Caution
  • Chad Vargas
  • Crazy Chris
  • Dangerous Dan
  • "The Ripper" Danny B
  • Ehud of Moab
  • Green Bastard
  • Green Monster
  • Sean Fuller
  • Itsumade
  • Jason Xavier
  • Jaysin Payne
  • Lukas Payne
  • Luke Jameson
  • Mark Storm
  • Mia Stone
  • Mr Wrestling
  • Owen Clark
  • PerZag
  • Richard
  • Robert
  • Sean Fuller
  • Serena Ransolver
  • Stonewall Vargas


  • Anubis
  • Bobbinette Carey


  • Treat Cassidy (President)
  • Smith (Play by Play)
  • Hood (Color)
  • Belvedere (Ring announcer)
  • Scruff McDougall (Referee)
  • Leo the high school intern (News reporter)
  • Mack 'Daddy' Hollywood (Head of Security)
  • Skytz the Pimp (Reporter/Interviewer)

Tag Teams/Stables

  • The Angel & The Ripper: Amber Ryan & Danny B
  • Danger Boiz: Dangerous Dan & Crazy Chris
  • The Payne Killers (Jaysin & Lukas Payne)



  • OCW Central Champion: "The Ripper" Danny B
  • OCW Southern Champion: VACATED
  • OCW Western Champion: VACATED
  • OCW Internet Championship: Itsumade
  • OCW Lightweight Championship: Dangerous Dan
  • OCW Tag Team Champions: The Angel & The Ripper.
  • Oh Shit! Contract Holder: Itsumade

OOC Information

OCW is a roleplay federation. Matches are judged by solely by the President. Members are encouraged to give input via a weekly review of the Massacre/PPV show. Members may have a maximum of three (3) characters in the federation at any given time (not including managers). Original characters only.

Roleplay limits are as follows:

  • Massacre: Two rp's per person, max 3000 words, only one rp post per day. Deadline Midnight (EST) Saturday.
  • PPV: Three rp's per person, max 3000 words, only one rp posted per day. Deadline Midnight (EST) Friday

All roleplays are considered in universe, airing on the internet via social sites. This allows other wrestlers to see anything said and done, and therefore able to be seen and commented upon by another wrestler in their promo.

OOC the handlers within are a friendly, talkative bunch. Backstage boards usually have a few conversations going, ranging in topics from sports to comics, wrestling and random real life occurrences. During PPV's a shout box is placed on the boards for conversation, as the PPV itself is posted piece-by-piece in a live feed situation. Feedback is available for those that want it, as is a sense of community.

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