Considered to be one of the most controversial periods in OCW's long history. OCW: R was an attempt by Drew Stevenson to run the company himself after wrestling it away from Justin Klein. However, Drew made the mistake of firing Justin Klein shortly after gaining control, which would lead to Justin badgering the company and its new owner until Drew finally stepped down. Drew's incompetence was also a factor which led to the Revolution's downfall, the show's weekly cards were sloppy, often looking like the opponents and stipulations were drawn from a hat at random. Another detriment to the company was the Undisputed champion at the time, Kevin Sane. Although he was a fan favorite, the people soon saw that Kevin simply couldn't carry the company on his shoulder, after using backstage politics and underhanded tactics to win the Undisputed title at Immortality it became evident that Kevin was nothing more than a transitional champion.

Eventually it was the man who helped Drew run the Revolution who destroyed it, Big Tony. The truth didn't come out until months later about who exactly killed OCW: R. it wasn't until Big Tony appeared on OCW's "The Insider" program and revealed that it had been him who ended the Revolution.


Often looked back on as OCW’s darkest days, Drew came close to inadvertently killing the company, however, Justin would not allow his brainchild to die so easily. He bought back the right to the OCW name and was able to sign back most of the talent who had joined the Revolution. Kevin Sane however, was not welcome back, the “Champ” was stripped of his belt and honor as Justin made sure that his contract was swiftly terminated. Drew’s contract was also terminated but he came back to OCW for a short stint, leaving after losing a match which made him Shawn Clarke’s bitch.

The incident is probably the biggest dark spot on Drew’s Hall of Fame career, many say that the combination of OCW: R and his refusal to accept the terms of his match against Shawn Clarke has made Drew reviled by the OCW faithful. Something that people would have thought impossible when he held the OCW Heavyweight championship.

OCW: R has become a cautionary tale, proving once again that you simply cannot one-up Justin Klein.


  • Before closing its doors, Drew attempted to arrange a tournament to decide who would face Kevin Sane for the title. Needless to say it was an abysmal failure.
  • During OCW: R's entire lifetime, Kevin Sane made only one appearance.
  • Apparently unable to recognize its potential, Drew and his lackeys attempted to shut down "The Insider" because they felt it was too mean and poked fun at them. Big Tony was quick to demand that the show continue to be broadcast.
  • At the 2006 OCW Slammy Awards, the OCW: R was voted as the biggest flop.

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