Orange Peel Face
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Height 5'8"
Weight 176lbs
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Place of birth The bad part of the Sunkist orchard
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Orange Peel Face is a profesional e-fed wrestler. He is known for getting an unusually high amount of heat from fans considering that he is mostly enhancement talent.

Personality Flaws

OPF has a very high opinion of himself in spite of his losing record. He feels that he is the future of the wrestling business as a whole and demands that he is treated as such. Whenever he makes his entrance to the ring he is greeted by a loud chorus of boos from the fans, often bordering on "X-Pac Heat". OPF, however, simply blows off the bad reaction and primps and struts as if he's being hailed as the second coming of Ric Flair. During his matches he often shows off unnecessarily and commands the fans to cheer for him, which never works. He also tries to make his opponents look bad by taunting and making fun of them while OPF is on the offensive.

OPF is a classic example of hubris. His own arrogance and narcissism has been his downfall many times and is the main reason why so many of his matches end in losses. When he has the upper hand he spends far too much time gloating and preening for the fans, allowing his opponent to regroup and make a comeback. When he faces opponents who are further up the rankings than him he makes the mistake of talking trash before the match, which results in him getting squashed rather badly. On top of that his ring skills are rather sloppy, sometimes messing up a move by trying to do too much to make it look impressive. His finisher, a standing SSP, is not very good either, his arms and legs usually flail out during the move and landing awkwardly, if it hits at all. In spite of all of this OPF has never learned humility and the following week he comes back out like he is the cock of the walk.


OPF made his debut taking on Jackson Jackson, which he lost. It didn't take long for him to get on the fan's nerves as he was booed heavily during the match. OPF became the jobber people loved to see get clobbered, which was often the case. He was used mainly on the DOUG FIR Saturdy Night Wrestling Fix, the program for up and comers and mid card showcase, as enhancement talent. His first win came over Simon Fleas (somebody had to win, right?) with his gangly SSP. He would score periodic wins here and there, usually by cheating, but most of the time he would end up on the losing end of things.

After a while OPF went on a winning streak of sorts, getting crooked wins over some other guys low on the totem pole. Feeling that he deserved a title shot he interrupted a match between Night Owl and Trevor White on the main show Monday Night Brew Ha Ha demanding a World title shot. He was properly beaten by the two men and discarded out of the ring. This did nothing to sway him as he then showed up the next week demanding a title shot from the champion himself, The Tyrant. The result was the same as OPF was thrown out of his dressing room head first into a trash can. The following week he tried to interfere in The Tyrant's title match but once again he was leveled and The Tyrant retained in spite of his efforts. OPF went back to the Saturday Night show and promply lost to Ogre and resumed his previous position.

Later on he once again defeated Simon Fleas in the main event (!) of the Saturday Night show in a surprisingly good match considering both men are right at the bottom of the standings. As Fleas left the ring he got a standing ovation from the crowd, which sent OPF into a rage and he returned to the ring to give Simon a beat down. The following week he was the subject on the Saturday Night interview program One On One with Theresa Mannix. On the show he said he was sick of people giving Simon the ovation that OPF feels that he deserves and vowed to put him out of wrestling forever. On the same show he reinvented himself as the Notorious OPF and now came dressed in his usual attire but now wore bling around his neck and a puffy white jacket. Upon seeing this Theresa started to laugh at OPF's lame new look, which he took major offense to and challenged her to a match the next week. The match lasted about ten seconds as OPF was trying so hard to come off as a bad ass that he wasn't paying attention Theresa rolled him up and pinned him easily. Afterwards OPF resumed his previous role, now with a new look.

After the PPV event "The Official Verdict Is In: Nobody Gives A Shit" OPF confronted the aging legend Hamburgers Jackpot, telling him that he's a joke and nobody wants to see him. Jackpot, taken aback, told the youngster that he would teach him a lesson in respect in the ring. The two will face soon on an episode of the Fix.

Signature Moves

  • Standing Shooting Star Press
  • Springboard Armdrag
  • Flying Head Scissors
  • Cheating




  • "Cheer for me!"
  • "Number one! Right here!"
  • "You're looking at the best, baby!"
  • "That guy ain't nothin'! I'm the best there is!"
  • "How do you like that? Eh?"


  • His entrance theme is "Hynotize" by Notorious BIG
  • His attire is an orange mask and body suit that resemble the insides of an orange and black boots. His eye and mouth ports are silver.
  • Was voted number 10 in the "10 Biggest Heels in DOUG FIR"
  • The only person he can beat consistantly is Simon Fleas, beating him seven times. Of course this means nothing as everybody has defeated Fleas.

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