Known best to the electronic wrestling world as Orian Omni (played by Tony Miller, Jr.), Brian D. Taylor was born September 11, 1980 in Baltimore, Maryland to Corrine, a seamstress and Kareem Sr., a contractor.

    Brian grew up with two younger siblings, Kareem Jr. and Karen, when he joined the city's little league baseball team as shortstop. After being on the team for one year, his second tryouts, he was cut. That same month, his mother died. He was 12 years old.
    His family then moved to a neighborhood in West Philadelphia where he joined his high school basketball team as the starting shooting guard. After the first semester of grade 11, he and his 1 year younger brother dropped out of school (both were in the same grade). His brother wasn't too fond of books and his school work was poor. His brother got pulled into the West Philly streets as a mid-level drug dealer. But although Brian's grades were exceptionally well, he wanted something else for himself. And unlike his brother, Brian's decisions were shocking.
    He instantly enrolled in the local boxing training camp where he was picked out by Emmanuel "Sticky" Griffin, just a regular visitor to the camp. Griffin saw potential in Brian and helped him establish an amateur boxing career.  With Griffin serving as his first coach before Teddy "the Tank" Cooper, then as manager, Brian developed a unique style of boxing. Where he relied on his abilities to outlast his opponent, maneuver quickly and avoid a punch rather than throw a blow. And still he had a powerful left uppercut  that helped him win 2 regional Golden Gloves and relinquish his amateur boxing career at 19-1-3 (18 KOs, 15 TKOs).
    Brian "The Technicial" Taylor to the boxing world, then enrolled in the army in 1998 when after a year of being stationed in Baghdad was introduce to another change in his life. Brian was discharged from the army to attend the Brock University in Ontario, Canada to get a degree in religion. It was here that he became a track athlete with 8 gold medals all back to back in the Regional College Track & Field Meet 100m and 4x100m relay (1998-2002).
    After graduating, he decided to stay in Canada where he studied Marxism-Leninist. But then he saw it, January 1st, 2004 - a deceased wrestler George Wagner, better known as Gorgeous George. Brian saw past video tapes in a friend's garage at a New Year's Eve party. After being hooked on how well George worked a crowd, Brian took a liking to wrestling. More as the classic tapes of world wrestlers like Mr. Perfect (Curt Hennig), Bret Hart and the Rock (Dwayne Johnson) to more unorthodox e-wrestlers like Ryan York.
    Brian enrolled in the local legendary David Dynamite and Marcus Malraux Fisticuff's Training Facility in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. There he perfected his wrestling style of techniciality but still so high risk. Then after 3 years of training, a big break came for him. He got connected with Derek Dofeel, a former pro-wrestler who also was once a trainee at Fisticuff's. Derek Dofeel had just turned over his contracts with two big pro e-federations and was looking for somebody to fill in for him. The first contract to fall through for Brian was Showstoppa's Extreme Federation.

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