Original Sin
Original Sin2
Members Jaro
Celeste Rousseau
Dr. David Diabolical
Neutron Star
St. Michael Dreamkiller
Christian G. Smitten
Eric Scorpio
Ethan Black
Korran Halycon
Cactus Sam
Name(s) Original Sin
Debut November 10, 2007
Promotion Full Metal Wrestling
Brand(s) Alchemy

Original Sin is a cross-brand super-stable in Full Metal Wrestling (FMW), ranging across FMW's three distinct brands: Alchemy, Anarchy, and Anxiety.

Masterminded by CEO Jaro, the axis consists of the federation's most sinful stables and villains, all aiming to take full control of FMW.



On November 10, 2007, Drew Michaels completed his quest of becoming the second-ever FMW World Champion when he defeated Ethan Black at Full Metal Wrestling's biggest pay-per-view event of the year, Ultimatum. Fighting for the glory of God, Michaels' destined victory ended Black's tyrannical 340-day reign as Full Metal Champion.

Moments after capturing the FMW Championship, Michaels was unceremoniously ambushed from behind by the defeated Black. Nick Bryson, still suffering from third degree burns inflicted by the Black Covenant's masked rookie Incubus, tried to prevent his cousin and SPARTA tag team partner from Black's wrath. Bryson's rescue attempt was countered by Adrian and the newly christened Dogs of War, Korran Halycon and The Sublime. With SPARTA outnumbered, Alex O'Rion came to the save his friends. As the seven men faced off, Anarchy general manager St. Michael Dreamkiller came to ringside and sicced his Team Dream of X, Christian G. Smitten, and the Dark Brotherhood tandem of Eric Scorpio and James McDaygo. Despite being far-outnumbered, SPARTA and O'Rion rallied against the onslaught, only for the odds to be further stacked against them when they were attacked by N.M.E.'s Dr. David Diabolical, Hostyle, and Neutron Star. As the announcers speculated on who could have allied FMW's most hated villains, Incubus and Succubus made there shocking return since being burned by Michaels.

In FMW's most shocking moment, Incubus unmasked to reveal that he was actually Full Metal Wrestling's CEO and fan favorite Jaro, while Succubus unmasked to reveal herself as Jaro's supposedly abused girlfriend, Celeste Rousseau.

Original Sin continued their assault, first handcuffing O'Rion to the ropes and beating him to a bloody pulp. Black then called for his Black Covenant followers. Abaddon arrived with a large stake, which Original Sin used to burn Nick Bryson at the stake. Covenant members then brought a large wooden cross to the ring. Michaels was nailed to the cross and hoisted above the ring. As Drew Michaels' blood rained down, Jaro and Black declared the dominance of the men in the ring. Together, they would take complete control of FMW, declaring themselves as Original Sin.


The next night on Anarchy 5.1, general manager and Original Sin founding member St. Michael Dreamkiller announced that Black was invoking his rematch clause...inside Hell in a Cell. With nail-marked broken hands, Michaels defended the title against Black. After the referee was knocked out, the turncoat Jaro would run down to the ring in a referee's shirt. This would prompt Bryson to run to the ring as well in hopes of helping his cousin. With Michaels reeling on the ground defeated, Bryson picked up Jaro's banhammer. Jaro commanded Bryson to nail his cousin with the banhammer, or Michaels would be certain to lose the title that night. Apologizing for the oncoming blow, Bryson banhammered Michaels in a DQ victory to retain the title.

The masterplan of the Original Sin was working masterfully...except for the fact they had not recaptured the FMW Championship. Dreamkiller sicced his Team Dream tandem of X and Eric Scorpio to fight Michaels for both the Full Metal Championship and The Wickedness for the Television Championship at the following Anarchy 5.2 telecast in a double-champions tag team match where both champions could lose their titles. The plan of Dreamkiller failed however, as the Original Sin members could not decide on who would be the victor. Michaels capitalized by pinning X and defeating another Original Sin plan.

It was only the week after when Original Sin felled the FMW Champion via the previously defeated Eric Scorpio. Scorpio faced Michaels in a one on one match for the FMW Championship and won, thereby robbing the Resistance of any gold and putting true power back into Original Sin's hands. Scorpio is scheduled to face Drew Michaels or Alex O'Rion in the main event at Death Row.




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