Orion, born as James (Jimmy) Bagley, on March 14, 1979 in Boston, MA, is an American professional wrestler most notable for his stint in the World Wrestling Alliance ran by Matt Chamois. He is currently working for Fearless Championship Wrestling, and is a member of The Coalition

Early life

He was born to a poor, lower-class family in South Boston on March 14, 1979. He was often abused, mostly by his father. Once reaching junior high, he began to use the school's gym to bodybuild, and soon was able to fight against his father's abuse by fighting back. One day, in the spring of 1992, he ran away from his home for fear that he would unintentionally hurt or kill his aging father. From 1992-1995 he lived on the streets of Boston, usually fighting to get money or shelter. In 1995, at the age of 16, he was able to get enough money to enter himself into a wrestling tournament in Danvers, Massachusetts. He had lied about his age in order to get in, but still won with tremendous ease and had won a full scholarship to Killer Kowalski's wrestling school in Malden, MA. He waited until he was 18 to join up however, as he did not wish to continue faking his age. He continued to live on the streets up to joining up with the wrestling school. He graduated at the age of 19, and then immediately changed his name to Jimmy Orione.

Start of Wrestling Career

He started wrestling, mostly for small, independent promotions, at the age of 21. He would wow the small audiences with his quickness and athleticism despite being classified as a heavyweight. He was constantly trying to get noticed and trying to be signed by a larger promotion. Finally, in 2004, when he was 26 years old, he was signed to the now defunct World Wrestling Alliance promotion, formerly run by Matt Chamois.

The WWA Years


Jimmy, competing under the name of Orion, the name he'd been using since graduating from wrestling school, signed his contract with the World Wrestling Alliance on July 25, 2004, and was kept off of its main show, Demolition. He was being prepped for a big match which would affect his career greatly, at WWA's first Pay-Per-View, Road to Gold, Orion won a triple threat match against Kash and Five to become the first ever WWA Hardcore Champion. At WWA's next PPV, Rise to Fame, one of Orion's most famous moments came. It was in a 10 man Hell in a Cell match, but in the back, Orion took out half the competitors with an ambulance and drove them out of the arena, and then drove back into the arena to compete in the match. He continued to dominate before being eliminated by Matt Garrad. Orion would be involved in feuds with Matt Chamois, John Wolfe, among others. He would eventually lose his Hardcore Title to Lee "Blaze" Bass on November 13, 2004 on an episode of Demolition. But in the same night, would inherit 1/2 of the WWA Tag Team Titles by joining up with Nice Guy Nick to reform Straight Hate, and they would hold the championships throughout the rest of 2004.

2005-Temporary Closing

Orion kicked off 2005 as 1/2 of the Tag Champions. They would hold the Tag Titles until March 19, 2005, when they lost to Mogul and Max Whitman. Orion would rebound quickly though, and on the April 9th, 2005 edition of Demolition, Orion was crowned the new WWA Pacific Champion. He would only hold it for 1 week though, and lost it to LBB on April 16. He would quickly regain it from LBB on May 3, and would hold the title until the 22nd, where he'd lose it to Coma. He would participate in a number 1 contenders match for the WWA Title at WWA Battlegrounds, but was eliminated by former partner Nice Guy Nick. On June 11 on Demolition, Orion would team with former nemesis LBB to win his 3rd Tag Team Championship. He would hold the titles until the WWA temporarily closed on June 17.

Reopening-end of 2005

The WWA reopened in September 2005. Orion main evented that episode of Demolition in a match against a returning Flame. At WWA Road to Gold 2 in October, Orion got his first opportunity at the then vacant WWA Title against Shane Ralston and Flame, but was beaten after Ralston hit him with the Play of the Day. Orion would get another opportunity at Rise to Fame in December in a Triple Threat Hell in a Cell Match against Shane Ralston and Saint. He was defeated again after Shane Ralston Russian leg sweeped Orion through the cell and through the ring and landed on top of him. Orion would end 2005 without a championship and having 2 missed opportunities.


2006 would bring much turmoil, not only for Orion, but for the WWA itself. The WWA would exchange management three times in this period. In this time of turmoil for the WWA, Orion would experience his first World Title Victory at Ground Zero against Kano. He would only hold that title for a month however as he lost it to Saint one month later at WWA Full Throttle.

Last Show

Orion would participate in WWA Last Stand, the final WWA show, in the main event. He was involved in a triple threat match between himself, Saint, and Max Whitman. He had said that it would be his last match. He lost after being low blowed by Whitman. He then slipped away into retirement.

Tournament of Champions

Orion would participate in the Tournament of Champions in late 2006, 6 months after WWA closed its doors. He fared pretty well making it through two rounds of the tournament, but was eventually eliminated in the Quarterfinals. He then slipped back into retirement, vowing that he would not return again.


Orion is currently wrestling for Fearless Championship Wrestling. He was immediately made a member of The Coalition upon his arrival. In his very first match, he temporarily won the FcW Extreme Championship, a nod to his former hardcore style. However, he has not had much success, and has missed several opportunities at higher championships.

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