Oscar Knifer
[[Image:|px|Image of Oscar Knifer]]
Billing information
Ring name(s) {{{names}}}
Height 195 cm
Weight 117 kgs
Born {{{born}}}
Hometown Flag of Poland Ruda Slaska, Poland
Theme music "Zombie" by Cranberries
Federation(s) Extreme Wrestling Federation
Previous federations High Voltage Wrestling
Wrestling information
Alignment Face
Wrestling style Brawler
Professional career
Debut unknown
Record 2-0-9
Accomplishments EWF Evolution Championship
AWF Tag Team Championship

Oscar Knifer is a professional wrestler, currently working for the Extreme Wrestling Federation.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Prime of one's life (Phoenix Splash)
    • Payment in kind (Reverse DDT into a modified dragon sleeper)
    • Knife Strike (Sit out Powerbomb)
    • Lariat
    • Springboard Crossbody/Legdrop
    • German Suplex
    • Notrhern light suplex
    • Belly to belly suplex
    • Half nelson backbreaker
    • Top rope splash
    • Running big boot
    • Armbar
    • Koji clutch
    • Plancha outside the ring
    • Pumphandla drop
    • Roaring Elbow

  • Signature objects
    • Kendo Stick

Championships and accomlishments

Match History (2-0-9)

Result Opponent(s) Event Notes
zWin Apollo Black, Mexicano, The Panter EWF Wrestlepalooza LXXXVIII EWF Evolution Championship Match
zLoss Apollo Black, Black Ice, The Panter EWF Wrestlepalooza LXXXIX EWF Evolution Championship Match
zLoss Apollo Black EWF Wrestlepalooza XC 2 out 3 falls for the EWF Evolution Championship
zLoss Itchytude and Konrad Olesnicki HVW Under Pressure II 3-Way Extreme Rules Match
zLoss Ricky Banks HVW Under Pressure IV Ladder Match for Knifer's contract
zWin Mr. Volcano and Justin Esperanza HVW Under Pressure VI Pro Pain Games Round I
zLoss Nicky Damage and Morgan The Pirate HVW Under Pressure VII Pro Pain Games Semi Final (Tables Match)
zLoss Flying Man and Reebok EWF Wrestlepalooza XCVIII No DQ Elimination Match
zLoss Izzy Nilsen EWF Wrestlepalooza XCIX Flaming Wood Chair On A Pole Match
zLoss Hendrixon, Ieshige, Jacobsen, Nalep, Thornpike EWF HD Aborcja 6-Man Elimination No DQ Match
zLoss Ieshige and Ruslan Smirnow EWF HD Eutanazja No DQ Match

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