Osire Meiln
[[Image:|150pxpx|Image of Osire Meiln]]
Real name
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Height 6'2"
Weight 230 lbs.
Date of birth
Place of birth Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Date of death
Place of death
Resides New York City
Billed from Australia
Trainer Jerry Lynn, Lance Storm
Handled by
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Debut November 21, 2006
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Osire Meiln is an Australian professional wrestler currently competing in the Extreme Championship Wrestling Federation. He is currently a member of Team Bring It with Megma Thena. He was trained by Jerry Lynn until the two had a disagreement, he completed his training at Storm Wrestling Academy under Lance Storm.

Wrestling Career

Extreme Championship Wrestling Federation

Meiln debuted on the November 21, 2006 episode of ECWF Showtime under the name The Crusher, appearing to promote the now defunct XTreme Division. He then continued to display a hatred for America, and all things American, and was interrupted by Kurt Angle on asking for America's "greatest hero." The two then had a match, which The Crusher won after hitting his finisher, The Crusher, on Angle. Angle demanded a rematch, and was rewarded with a victory the very next week on Showtime.

Crusher moved on to tag team action, bringing XTreme regular The Almighty in to tag with him as Team Bring It. They faced Tommy Dreamer and the Sandman on the December 5th edition of Showtime. After defeating them in just over three minutes, Crusher demanded a tag team that would be a real challenge. Team Bring It was scheduled to face the tag team champions, DeGenerative, the next week. DeGenerative won after Shawn Michaels hit Chin Tunes on The Crusher. The Crusher was not seen until January 9th of 2007, when Team Bring It defeated Team 3D. Crusher later interrupted Kurt Angle, sarcastically commenting on his wish not to wrestle two separate matches at Rest In Peace. After each cited victories over the other, Paul Heyman scheduled them for a rubber match the next week, which Angle won.

Crusher appeared on the January 23rd show, to speak about his loss. However, he launched into a tirade against EWCF owner Frank Cirabisi. Unhappy with the fact that Cirabisi had allegedly destroyed his gimmick in another federation, Crusher promptly asked to be referred to only as Osire Meiln. He signed a brand new contract under the new name later that night, after Showtime went off the air.

Also around this time, Team Bring It were scheduled to be a part of an eight team tag turmoil at Rest In Peace, for the tag team titles. They were eliminated without winning a fall.

Kurt Angle, unhappy with Meiln's attitude, offered a deal to Paul Heyman: Meiln would undergo a series of matches scheduled by Angle, and if he were to lose one before the next Pay Per View, he would be fired. Heyman agreed to the terms, with the added stipulation that the last match under these rules, if Meiln lasted that long, would be contested at NCaged.

The Almighty, now known as Megma Thena, took exception to Meiln's hunting of main event matches, and argued with him in the back, just before the first bounty match. Meiln faced Abyss and won.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing and Signature moves
    • The Crusher (Drop Toe Hold Neckbreaker)
    • RM Splash (450 Splash)

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