A.K.A: The Con Man

Signature Moves:The Final Impact, The Verteabreaker


Place of origin:Manchester, England

X-WCW Titles held:

X-WCW World Heavyweight Champion (X1) (Formally known as UW title),

X-WCW Ultimate World Champion (X1),

X-WCW US Heavyweight Champ (X1),

X-WCW World Tag Team Champion (x2),

X-WCW International Tag Team Champ (X1),

X-WCW TV Champion.

Other non X-WCW titles held:

XAW Hardcore champion,

XAW European Champion (X2),

XAW US champion

(Held all three belts at one time)

Strengths:Gritty and determined to the last, Tactically aware under presure, excellent alround skills on the mat.

Weaknesses: Not many but his technical ability in terms of submissions and arial manoeuvers are not the best.

Where it all began

Otacon hails from the northwest of England where he grew up a massive wrestling fan. His favourite Wrestlers were The British Bulldog Davey boy Smith and his one day to be tag team partner Sid Justice. during his late teens he almost lived to work out before at the age of 18 he began to train as an amateur wrestler. Otacon soon outgrew the amateur ranks and entered the BWF(British Wrestling Federation) which in turn proved a springboard toward the X-WCW.

Goin it solo in the US

Once in the X-WCW Otacon proceeded to piss off as many people as he could starting with one of the more experienced guys called Depthcharge. After a few beatings Otacon was loaned out to the XAW where he began to build his experience before winning his first major title(A European belt)..However he lost the belt before recapturing it along with the Harcore and US titles in the same night....Soon after that the XAW went into liquidation and Otacon returned once again to the X-WCW looking for titles.

Doin it tag style

After another avaerage spell going solo Otacon decided to move into the tag team ranks with his one time hero Sid Justice....Again though Otacon missed out narrowly on the gold forcing the split of the tag team known as Hard Justice...After this Otacon was inactive for a while before hooking up with Daedelus and forming the Outcasts....This parnership soon blossomed with the two contrasting styles proving a handfull for the other Tag Team of the X-WCW. This outstanding form soon resulted in a title shot which proved to be the match that Otacon won his first title in the X-WCW. Since then the Outcats have lost, recaptured and lost the belts again. After the loss of the world tag team titles the Outcasts quickly took the mantle of International champs for a brief period before Otacon was again thrown into the solo ranks due to the unexpected retirement of his partner Deadlus.

Goin it solo...Again

After a lengthy spell in the tag team ranks Otacon quickly took to the solo format again and showed his expeeriance in dispatching the younger talent put infront of him....After several impressive victorys he was given a TV title shot which he grasped with both hands making 5 impressive defences before being dethroned by TGO.......Luckily for Otacon though he had caught the eye in his time as TV champ. His next three matches were against Tony Bonito in what turned out to be a gritty feude that would end in Bonitos favour 2-1.....This loss however helped the con man as many saw his refusal to tap out against Bonito in their deciding match as Gritty and brave......This new found form in the solo ranks had now earned Otacon his entrance to the qualifying of the GZ3 X rumble. And on the big night he took no prisoners, firstly defeating the xterminator in a qualifying heat before storming the 10 man X rumble and coming out Victorious.......This monumental win propelled Otacon to No1 contender for the UW title and a shot at the new champ Grandmaster E.


The build up to Bloodbath

With his status as #1 contender to the UW title confirmed The Con Man's confidence was at an all time high. However in his usual abrupt style Otacon began to set his sights not only on GME but the other major stars in the X-WCW.....This onslaught began with Flash Stryker as the newly crowned US heavyweight champion and resulted in a non title matchup that the con man won in convincing style.......After his humiliation at the hands of Otacon, Stryker decided to put his gold on the line in a rematch confident in his abilitys......Unfortunately for Stryker this confidence soon faded as Otacon again gave him a brutal beating taking his US title and coining the new catchphrase "I WILL MAKE YOU BLEED"......However this triumph was short lived as his old nemesis Tony Bonito took the title away from him at his first defence continuing his winning streak against the Con Man.......After this loss Oc has continued to annoy and berrate the big guns of the X-WCW including D-Ex, GME, Bonito and even CEO Christopher Back making him one of the most hated figures on the X-WCW roster among fans and wrestlers alike

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