Outlaw Rex Kane started his career in e-fedding in 2003 with the Fatal Wrestling Federation (FWF). He moved up the ranks quickly and became the Hardcore Champion, the Tag Team Champions (with partner Mack Murphy) and eventually the World Heavyweight Champion. After all these accomplishments, the FWF folded and Outlaw searched for a fed that ran like FWF did. Not finding one, he stayed in retirement for 2 years. Then in 2006, Outlaw and some others from E-Wrestling News began a federation. It started out as the EWNF, but was soon changed to the current name of 3WA or World Wide Wrestling Federation. Some of the other early members of the 3WA are, Split Second, Shane "The Machine" Williams, Hyde, Torch, Blackout, Shaun Stetson and the afore mentioned Mack Murphy.

Outlaw struggled to a few wins in the singles division but was out-roleplayed a good bit of the time. Then he brought in Mack Murphy and a character named Sling Blade (who looked amazingly like Carl Childers from the movie of the same name) to be their manager. They clicked immediately as a tag team and with some interresting roleplays they became number one contenders for the tag titles. Just as it looked like they would be getting the gold, a couple of masked men known as the Hardkore Kowboyz came to the 3WA. They attacked other teams backstage and ran roughshod over the entire federation. Finally they were inked to a contract and people could not wait for the battle between "Freakin' Nutz" (Outlaw and Mack) and the HKK. Outlaw and Mack had won the tag titles by this time and the week before defending them against the Hardkore Kowboys, the HKK "attacked" them and kidnapped Sling Blade. As the masked men brought Sling Blade to the ring, they then called out Freakin Nutz. When they were a no show, everyone wondered what had happened to their heroes. The men who were going to save the 3WA from the HKK, Zack and Cody, the Hardkore Kowboyz, said, "We didn't think they'd show up......,.Cause they're already here! They yanked off their masks and lo and behold, Outlaw and Mack were the HKK! It was then and still remains (in my opinion_)the greatest swerve in 3WA history.

Not long after that, Outlaw was forced to retire from e-fedding due to his being on the road with a band. Outlaw and Mack were elected as the first members of the 3WA Hall of Fame. When the tour was done, Outlaw and Mack came back to the 3WA and wrestled for a while. The fledgeling AWA was born and Outlaw after a while, joined the new group. The AWA was started as kind of a training and proving ground for young e-fedders, not quite ready to roleplay with the big boys and that has helped a great deal.

Outlaw recently had a change of heart and began to get tired of being disrespected by some of the AWA members. He has acted heelish in his last appearance, and is teetering between heel and face. His entrance music has changed from "Wanted...Dead or Alive" by Bon Jovi and Sugarland, to "Unforgiven" from Metallica. He definitely seems to be heading for a heel turn. What will happen to the veteran grappler next? Keep up with the Outlaw at.... The AWA would be glad for you to visit.

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