Outlaw Wrestling Coalition


The Outlaw Wrestling Coalition spun out of the demise of the XWF, a longtime staple of the Xtreme Forums discussion board, that closed down in early 2006. When Xtreme Forums re-opened as a general purpose message board, a former participant of the XWF took over creative control and started an entirely new e-fed, but used the XWF as a launching pad to set the foundation.


The history of the OWC begins "one year" after the last XWF show. (In truth, it took about a month to get the fed started up, but to make things interesting, the writers stated that a year had passed to make things a bit more interesting.)

While the XWF never had a true last show due to the somewhat controversial manner in which it was closed, the current writing staff made reference to a night wherein a number of XWF superstars were involved in a terrible tragedy in the ring, where during a massive tag-team bout, an overzealous fan hopped into the ring brandishing a pistol and fan-favorite Marshall X, acting in self-defense, disarmed the man and shot him on live television. This was the demise of the XWF through the continuity of the OWC.

"One Year Later" a cunning salesman from New Jersey named Brandon Bullitt was able to buy up the majority of the XWF's stock and take ownership, booting out former management of Dan Bane and acquiring all of the contracts of former XWF wrestlers. He merged the XWF with his own New Jersey based organization to form the Outlaw Wrestling Coalition, which would be a mix of professional wrestling and legitimate street fighting.

With the first show on April 2, 2006, the OWC began it's legacy with a few legends from the XWF's past such as Bane, Spade, Marshall X, Nick Bryson and Matt Couch, as well as a few new faces in the form of Edible Smith, Bruce Anderson, and many more.

OWC Titles& History

  • Outlaw Wrestling Coalition World Heavyweight Championship
  • Outlaw Wrestling Coalition Television Championship
  • Outlaw Wrestling Coalition Outlaw Division Championship
  • Outlaw Wrestling Coalition Tag Team Championship

Current Roster

  • Bruce Anderson - Heel
  • Dan Bane - Tweener
  • Nick Bryson - Tweener
  • Matt Couch - Heel
  • David Fortune - Face
  • Sammy Jackman - Tweener
  • Harmony (Manager) - Heel
  • John McCoy - Face
  • Steve Pillman - Tweener
  • Mark Pritchard - Heel
  • Marshall X - Face
  • Psycho - Tweener
  • Edible Smith - Heel
  • Spade - tweener
  • Douglass Woods IV (Manager) - Face

Retired Roster

  • Scott Barton
  • Supernova
  • Cash
  • Phoenix
  • Rebel Badass
  • Scorpio
  • Matt Ford
  • J-Money
  • Steve Hitler
  • Gavin Reed

Tag Teams/Stables

  • The Avengers - Marshall X, David Fortune & John McCoy
  • The Order of Perfection - Spade & Psycho
  • Unnamed Heel Group - Bruce Anderson, Edible Smith, and Harmony

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