== OVERDRIVE! ==


OverDrive is MVW's weekly Show.

Quick Results :

OverDrive #1 :

Bates Defeated DeadPool via Stinging Leg Drop, Pinfall

DG Fury defeated Shadow and Juggernaut via Fury Driver on Juggernaut, Pinfall

Main Event did not Take place as FameAsser took Almontigue out with a steel chair backstage.

OverDrive #2 :

DG Fury Defeated Shadow in a ladder match for the Progressional Championship.

Almontigue defeats Juggernaut for the Intercontinental Championship via Almonticute off of the Stage, Pinfall.

Bates defeated FameAsser in the 50% Ownership or No Title Shot Match. Bates became The Co-Owner of MVW from this match. Win via Stinging Leg Drop on the Steel Chair to FameAsser, Pinfall.

OverDrive #3 :

DG Fury defeated The Man in a match where he was defending the Progressional Title. Win via Countout.

Juggernaut defeated FameAsser in the World Title Tournament Semi-Finals. Win via interference from Bates allowing Juggernaut to hit the JuggerKrusher, Pinfall.

Bates defeated Almontigue in World Title Tournament Semi-Final match via DQ. FameAsser hit the Kiss of Death on Bates.

Burn The House Down

MVW's First PPV!

OverDrive #4 :

Bates defeated DeadPool and Juggernaut in a Non-Title triple threat match.

Almontigue Defeated The Man in No#1 Contenders Match for the World Heavyweight Championship.

OverDrive #5 :

FameAsser defeated The Man, DeadPool and Bates in a Tag Team Elimination match for No#1 Contendership for the Intercontinental Championship.

DG Fury defeated Shadow in a Fury's Den match for both the Intercontinental Championship and the Progressional Championship.

OverDrive #6 :

DeadPool defeated FameAsser in Revenge Match, NO DQ “I Quit” Match.

The Man and Juggernaut defeat Bates and Almontigue with The Man picking up a Submission Victory.

Shadow walked away from the Double Title Ladder Match with what he thought to be the Intercontinental Championship but turned out to be the Progressional Championship and Dg Fury got away with the Intercontinental Championship.

OverDrive #7 :

DeadPool defeated Bates in a No#1 Contenders match for the Progressional Championship.

Shadow rolls up The Man for a quick victory in a Non-Title match.

Almontigue defeated Juggernaut via DQ with Rogue punching Almontigue.


Full Results :

OverDrive 1

OverDrive 2

OverDrive 3

OverDrive 4

OverDrive 5

OverDrive 6

OverDrive 7

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