The oWa (non-kayfabe)

The OWA, or "Oratory Wrestling Association", was founded by Oratory writer Dave Spinosa in late 2001, to provide an e-fed to the Oratory forums. It has been running almost nonstop since then (with a brief hiatus in early 2004 during a writer staff switch). Since then it has spawned multiple limited spinoff shows, and a brand split in late 2005. Each show now has its own staff of writers, as opposed to previous years when one person would write and book entire shows. The length of shows and matches has increased as more writers have become available to fill out the shows with content.

The oWa (kayfabe)

The oWa rose from the ashes of an untelevised, independent federation of the same name run out of the New York City area, which gained a cult following in the 1990s. The original OWA had no truly big names, but a few of the roster were seen in the first few televised episodes, before leaving the federation due to their unwillingness to tour and relocate cross-country.

In mid-2001, David Spinosa Sr. (known on TV as ‘Mr. Spinosa’) purchased the OWA and decided to run a coast-to-coast operation, opening business offices in both NYC and LA. While the head wrestling offices continued to be located in NYC for quite some time, the media offices opened in Los Angeles, California. With his own money, he financed the advertising hype and the entire event logistics of Fall Fury 2001, the first ever company PPV. While not considered a commercial success, the interest and big name stars were enough to continue the federation toward its second, Winter Warfare 2001 and the subsequent first airings of Adrenaline.

Multimedia Segments/"RPs"

With the California offices being rooted in the Hollywood area, a focus on media provided a boost to the forms of entertainment. Using techniques of viral marketing and the rising popularity of streaming internet video, the OWA website launched an extensive Multimedia section. Here, segments that are self-produced by the wrestlers, can be aired to more devout fans who seek further character development than what is shown on television. Sometimes these segments become crucial extensions of the angles on TV, and the mood ranges from documentary/reality-style, to emulating popular primetime drama. This format was produced in effort to create a more immersive media event, and in this way studio sets can be produced for specific angles, as it is not strictly considered “sports entertainment” to most Hollywood studios who often contribute to it. Produced segments have been included on many DVDs released by the OWA, as they are considered integral parts of the ongoing story of the rising wrestling federation. All rights go to the OWA.

Television Shows Main:

Adrenaline: The longest running and flagship show of the federation. Considered an "A-show". Genesis: Established in late 2005 as a brand extension after the split. Considered an "A-show". Anarchy: Bi-weekly RMWF show, showcasing potential future OWA talent. Considered a "B-show". Other/Former:

Shakedown: Former pre-split B-show for matches that didn't make it to the Adrenaline card. Currently a weekend recap program for both A-shows. Evolution: Former pre-split B-show featuring the Cruiserweight division, and home to the title belt formerly known as the Cruiserweight Championship. Adrenaline Rush: Former webcast C-show featuring extra matches and segments for the Adrenaline brand. Previously known as the 'Diamond Dallas Project'. High Voltage: Former webcast C-show featuring extra matches and segments for the Genesis brand. Has since been retooled to include weekly news, updates, web footage recaps, and exhibition/dark matches from the C-level roster. [edit]Current Administration The CEO of the federation is Mr. Spinosa, although the ownership of the company has been passed to his son, David Spinosa Jr. Major business decisions are made with the help of a Board of Directors, who are frequently referenced on television but rarely seen.

On-camera, the hierarchy of authority seems to be a triumvirate of Spinosa Sr. (CEO; corporate), Spinosa Jr. (owner; financial), and the Board of Directors (acting President; legal/personnel), with each force occasionally working against each other in executive decisions. In the past the Board has been represented by a company President, however now acts as a Tribunal of sorts. Subordinate to the three-headed corporate authority is the currently vacant Commissioner position, which is only formally occupied by a double panel of contract lawyers for each brand’s flagship show. Under their direct authority are each of the General Managers, who in turn hold sway over their respective rosters. Neither has any authority over the other.

Relationship with Other Federations

A wealthy businessman, Spinosa was the owner of a hefty portion of stock options in Vince McMahon’s WWE, and as a result the two have maintained a healthy working relationship, as evidenced by the use of trademarks such as DX, and matches such as Hell in a Cell and the Elimination Chamber. In fact it was talent on loan from WWE that helped re-launch the federation’s first PPV event, Fall Fury 2001, including appearances from ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, and ‘HBK’ Shawn Michaels. Since then, much talent has gone back and forth frequently between the federations, but as the two have each portrayed vastly different styles of writing and wrestling, the two have never seriously discussed a joint business venture, beyond that of All Out War 2004 where the main angle focused on the two vying for control of the federation.

The OWA has also had wrestler contracts "on loan" from both TNA and Ring of Honor, such as AJ Styles, Paul London, and Low Ki. They also held a special PPV event in 2004 called "Point of No Return", featuring OWA vs. ROH matches.

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