Owen Dunn
Owen Dunn
Real name Owen Kennedy
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Height 6'2" (188 cm)
Weight 313lbs (142kg)
Date of birth January 17, 1984
Place of birth Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
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Resides Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Billed from Brisbane, Australia
Trainer Jack Hardy (Fuel)
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Owen Zachariah Kennedy born January 17, 1984 in Gold Coast, Australia is an Australian professional wrestler under the ring name "Owen Dunn". He is probably best known for his work in America with various independent wrestling promotions. He still aspires to be a recognised member of The Colosseum roster.

Early life

Shortly after he was born, Kennedy's family moved to Brisbane, Queesnland where Kennedy attended St. Laurence's College, and wrestled. After completing high school, Kennedy's family moved to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, due to Kennedy's fathers career. It was here that Owen attended college where he excelled in wrestling and soccer as a 1st string goal keeper. In this time, Owen managed to begin a relationship with Rebecca Gilchrist, a well reknowed college socialite. It wasn't long before their romance was haulted and Owen's heart was crushed, thus paving the way for his new life. Deciding that it was time to move on, Kennedy moved out to New York where he completed his college at the State University of New York at Cortland. While there he, along with his friends, ventured to Madison Square Garden to see their favourite wrestler at the time, Dan Forge. Kennedy has said on more than one occasion, that the reaction caused by Forge's Blace Furnace was what inspired him to pursue a career in pro wrestling.

Early Wrestling Career

Kennedy formally trained at Jack Hardy's wrestling school in Boston and debuted in February 2004 at age 19. In addition to appearing on Hardy's cards, Kennedy and several other students also took part in several matches for Boston Hardcore. Owen even managing to carry the Boston Hardcore Championship Title for a consecutive 5 months before finally losing it to Johnny Neurotic in a 1,000 Thumbtacks Match in December, 2005

After several years of wrestling in the independent circuit, Kennedy began receiving offers from various regional promotions. He ventured back home and joined Philadelphia-based PICW, where he teamed with Dick Moider as part of the Convict Stable. Kennedy and Moider briefly held the PICW tag titles in late 2005. On November 1, Kennedy left PICW for Extreme Independent Wrestling.

In EIW Owen Kennedy, billed as "ZacKay", was a major part of fellow Aussie Terry Thunder's stable, feuding with top faces, including Gary Rudeman. Kennedy also won several titles, including the company's heavyweight and tag team titles before leaving the company. He then briefly competed in Texas's Chainsaw Massacre Wrestling Federation before signing with ICP's, Juggalo Championshit Wrestling. In JCW, Kennedy feuded with Chris Hero, Shark Boy and Terry Funk. Kennedy amassed a cult following because of his growing repertoire of high-risk moves. During a match in July 2006, Kennedy debuted his Side Death Valley Driver, when he executed it on Violent J through a glass table. He still uses it as a finisher even to this day.

He soon left JCW for Professional Championship Wrestling, whose style of high impact and violent wrestling style fit Kennedy well. On one night, known as PCW's Xtreme Xmas Spectacular, "ZacKay" and Bryon Bruiser had three matches in one night: ZacKay won a Falls Count Anywhere Match, then lost a Table Match, and then fought to a win in a Razor Ring Rope match, winning him the coverted title of "King Of The Razor Ring". These matches caught the attention of Colosseum promoters, and after a brief stint working in MILF, he set his sights on joining The Colosseum.

Sights Set On The Colosseum

It was several months behind closed gym doors before Owen deemed himself ready for The Colosseum. On first application, "The C" even sent him back to Boston to learn more about "extreme wrestling" from the late Jack Hardy. Still yet to compete on screen, Owen's hardwork and dedication has not gone unrewarded, having just recently been placed on the call back list for a chance at a legidimate contract.

From the small town gyms to the concrete castles of The Colosseum, Owen Dunn has come a long way in his short career. And now well on the road to accomplishing his dream of becoming World Heavyweight Champion, "Oz" is ready to come rolling in full bore. And yet still, at the heart of it, Owen is still just a guy. He's no villain, no hero. He's just a guy trying to make it big in a profession he loves. Love him or hate him, he may not be one for lengthy debates, but he can always be counted on to accomplish his goals and entertain the fans. With his hard-hitting moves and wild unorthodoxed style, Owen Dunn is a huge new prospect for any federation, guaranteed not to disappoint.

Wrestling facts

  • Finishing and signature moves
  • Signature foreign objects
  • Signature Catchphrases
  • "Owen'd!"
  • "You just got Owen'd!"

Championships and accomplishments

  • Boston Hardcore
  • 1-Time BH Champion
  • Philadelphia Independent Championship Wrestling
  • 1-Time PICW Tag Team Champion (with Dick Moider)
  • Extreme Independent Wrestling
  • 1-Time EIW Heavyweight Champion
  • 2-Time EIW World Tag Team Champion (with "Little" John Tuddle)
  • Chainsaw Massacre Wrestling Federation
  • 1-Time CMWF Heavyweight Champion
  • Professional Championship Wrestling
  • 2005 King of the Razor Ring
  • 1-Time PCW Tag Team Champion (with Byron Bruiser)
  • 2004 Best Newcomer
  • 2005 Best Brawler
  • 2005 Best Interviews
  • 2006 Best Brawler


  • Owen Dunn helped PCW's 'Xtreme Xmas Massacre' achieve its highest ratings ever with his 2005 King Of the Razor Ring match against Byron Bruiser. It received an 8.4 rating.
  • Dunn's theme song on debut with PICW was 96 Quite Bitter Beatings by CkY
  • Dunn's theme song in EIW & CMWF was Break Stuff by Linkin Park

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