"Mr. Sushi And Rice" Ozzy DaBoe is a wrestler currently competing in HPWF. He has also performed for the Thad Inc promotions BAW and NGPW


Billed from the "Sonny Chiba Prefecture" of Japan, Ozzy is an irreverent comedy character. In an interview with DaBoe (Real name: Yoshihiro Tenmaku), the character "is a Japanese immigrant who learned English from Newgrounds cartoons and Pokey the Penguin". Some of his signature moves are references to Arfenhouse and Pokey the Penguin, and also has occasional references to other internet culture, as well as Robot Chicken (most famously his "Captain Planet Yell").

Ozzy DaBoe typically wears green and purple clothing, except for a zebra pattern mask which he takes off to perform the "Captain Planet Yell". In weapons matches he uses items of different colors, including blue and yellow.

In HPWF, he parodied the "Rickroll" with an "Ozzyroll". He would begin to sing "Never gonna give you up", but then forget the words and instead attack the opponent.

Fueds and Memorable Storylines

Ozzy DaBoe has no feuds or storylines worth mentioning.


"I Love Living In The City" by Fear- His first theme used in BAW

"Stone Cold Crazy" by Queen - Used once as "Ozzy DaCapone", a comedy mobster gimmick inspired by the song itself (including a prop tommygun that shot water).

"Sexy Hero Revolution" by Sex Machineguns - Current Theme

Finishing and Trademark Moves

ParaPara Plex (Ozzy DaBoe whistles and Japanese girls join him in a ParaPara dance before Ozzy does an Exploder on his confused opponent)

Extra Spicy Wasabi (Phoenix DDT)

Melted Wax (Top Rope Kneelkick)

Super Happy Fun Time (Crossarm Romero Special)

Shatner Stealing Mexico Toucher (Top Rope Poison Rana while the opponent is croched on the ropes)

14! LOL! (Deja Vu into DDT)

Captain Planet Yell (Ozzy takes off his mask, and yells "CAPTAIN PLANET!", a la Ted Turner in a famous Robot Chicken sketch)

The Almighty Pink Mist (Pink-colored Asian Mist)- In BAW and NGPW

Fairy Dust (Pink-colored Fuji Dust)- in HPWF

When Democracy Fails, You Can Count on Stalin (Wrist-Clutch Snowplow)

O RLY (Urange Slam into Rhydeem Bomb)

Shining Noun (Gamengiri on a kneeling opponent, usually following a backslide or schoolboy)

Reverse Yoshi Tonic

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