The PFW Crossroads Championship is the Secondary Cross-Branded Championship of Pure Frontier Wrestling. It was created at the time when PFW was reopened with the addition of the Monday Night Sin City Brand, April 23rd, 2008.

Design Of Championship

Like the PFW World Championship no actual screenshots have been taken close up of the Championship. But there has been a description released in the fashion as the PFW World Championship . It has a black strap with a set of 3 buckles on each side of the strap ends, all coloured a dark emerald. It also has two miniature plates with the Monday Night Frontier and Monday Night Sin City Insignias. In the very center is a large gold plate with the image of four roads intersecting in the shape of an "X" leading to the edges of the belt.


The First Champion

The PFW Crossroads Championship was created at PFW's reopening, however it wasn't until after the "PFW Launches Again" and "PFW Draft Lottery" Special Shows that a first Champion was crowned. At Sin City I, May 17th, 2008, an Eight Man Battle Royale was contested featuring four members of the newly created Frontier and Sin City rosters. However, it was Frontier's own Chill that took home the gold to Frontier.

List Of Champions

Holder Dates # of Reigns
Chill May 17th, 2008 - Present 1

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